Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Always Mix Old & New........ Also.....Vote For Me In The BIBS

 The BIBS, Brilliance In Blogging is an award handed out via platform BRITMUMS. This is one of the UK's most popular blog awards and really focuses on Parent Lifestyle bloggers and tries to reward them for making great content. I am so proud to have been nominated and make it through the the finals and I feel that it is a great thing to share with you. I have been nominated for Best Fashion & Beauty blog which is awesome as I so like sharing my outfit ideas in this space. What's wonderful as well is that it came at a time when I am really plowing even more energy into making this a space for life and style and really channeling the blog into its own niche.
That all said, I would really very much appreciate you voting as that's what I need from you. Click the link and I am in section 10 but give yourself a chance to look at the other blogs as you never know, you may find a new one to follow!

Now I have shared that news lets share this Outfit.

I have been really taken with how popular MARKS & SPENCER is this season. For me, you will know that I have shopped there for ages and am only too pleased to see that everyone else is now enjoying their styles. M&S is one high street store I would hate to see go under so it is great that they have reinvented themselves again to reach the female market. Just recently they announced new brand ambassador HOLLY WILLOUGHBY, who, I for one, can't wait to see how she styles up their clothes. With other blogging greats like ERICA DAVIES, also a big fan, it was no wonder that this LEOPARD PRINT DRESS turned out to be very popular and almost disappear offline {now back}! I picked it up a few weeks ago and was only too excited to try to style it differently as that's what you have to do when everyone else is wearing the same thing!

As it's suddenly turned a bit cooler it only seems right to free the woollies from the wardrobe. What a summer hey? No need for these to have been out until now but with the change in temp. and indeed brightness I have been enjoying jumpers nearly every day!
This one specifically is an old H&M one but really what I am doing is showing you an idea. How you can mix and match old and new and how, actually, shapes and colours last over time. 
So this jumper specifically is one of my most chunky. It does't fit under any coats so when I am wearing it I need to layer it to make sure I stay warm.

To gather it up around my waist I also made sure to use an old belt that could be pulled tight and have the front of the jumper tucked in. This helps create a bit more shape and makes the jumper look more feminine.

With the beige shade almost matching that of the dress, and the dusky pink shoes {old} also picking out the warmer tones, this becomes a great way to share a popular item but make it your own. Using your existing wardrobe to create something different is key when it comes to popular styles. We don't all want to look the same but it is nice being able to reinvent an item from just adding a few others to it!


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  1. love your style! I found your blog via the #bibs shortlist - good luck!


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