Friday, 21 September 2018

My Top 10 Favourite things about Autumn!

I feel I am going to talk a lot about this season in a lot of my posts but I think that is only fair as, in my eyes, it is the best one! Even though I know Rob would say "Why Choose?" I still can't deny the fact that autumn makes me feel alive. I also think it highlights that secretly orange must be one of my favourite colours even though I would very much usually deny that; in the season I really can't!

So for me, I easily can think of 10 reasons why I like autumn but I suppose my question is can you?

I like autumn because........

1. I can wear jumpers with ease of pretty much knowing they won't come off all day!
2. I can get all my wonderful pairs of boots out from under the bed ready to wear for the next 6 months!
3. I can walk to town knowing that my lungs will be filled with cool air that will revitalise me.
4. I can enjoy dressing in layers but not wearing hats and gloves and trying to hide every bit of skin.
5. I can see the beauty in the end of a plant's journey for the year. It is amazing how flowers and leaves give us the most spectacular display before they disappear for the winter. 
6. I can enjoy pumpkin season which isn't just for Halloween. The next three months are pretty much my favourite for this reason!
7. I can enjoy the elements from the comfort of my own home. I love being inside and watching weather outside. I find such comfort in having my four walls protecting me as rain comes down. 
8. We can light the fire! It is one of the best things we have ever got for this house. A wood burner right in the centre of the sitting room which creates the most perfect atmosphere for the cooler days.
9. I will never be old enough to not want to kick through the falling red leaves! One of the best parts of autumn.
10. I just love how as a family we become so together and how cosy we can get from just being in each other's company. 

Well, possibly one of the quickest posts I have ever written but just to add to it I thought I would also share this outfit. One of my current faves as everything is just right for this season.




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