Tuesday, 4 September 2018

In Baskets We Trust

Whether they are on my arm carrying all my stuff or filled in the home, my life has had an influx of basket items and I love it!

I'll tell you what; 9 years ago at about this time I was a new bride with the excitement of decorating my first house. It was going to be full of up-cycled furniture all painted and then distressed. Shabby Chic was in its prime and I was going to create a little country home in the city. Over the years I collected hearts and had them hanging everywhere. I loved bunting and all things floral and a minimal house was far from my mind.

Fast forward to now and oh, how my tastes have changed. I think it is just age to be honest but now our home is a huge step away from where we were. I love that though. That's my journey and the interiors journey of our home is such a good one. Now scuffed paint is not on the cards. In fact I can't stand shabby shit {as Rob always called it} in our home anymore because it just doesn't suit. All painted furniture is done so well with full coverage and no intentional scuffs here. With grey and more minimal touches now at home I have really fallen in love with wooden colours. Stemming from my love for Scandinavian style interiors it is safe to say that wood colours have never been so welcome in my house and the easiest form to get these in is actually in basket form. Rattan, weave, grass, cane, you name it and I have got it. I love the colours against the grey and white of our home and I really am tipping them to be the next house trend everyone will be wanting.

Like I said, baskets have been so popular as a bag this summer. I have way too many but they look so nice with just about everything! With them now finding homes around the house as decoration I have been making sure I have enough basket for storage and to look pretty also.

I wanted to share some pictures as inspiration to show you how I am dotting them about the house. I hope you get some ideas!

Where are my favourite places to buy baskets?
TKMAXX {Best going in store}


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