Friday, 7 September 2018

Stepping Back Into It.

It's So hard when your routine has been broken to find yourself trying to renormalise your day. For me and many other parents who have all their children at school, the holidays can really throw you.

On Tuesday when the kids went back to school, I did everything to avoid going home. I spent hours just popping to different supermarkets in a bid to just see what they had that was new in their clothes departments, but truth be told it was the easiest way to just avoid the house. Part of me didn't want to go back because I didn't want to see the mess or start the endless cleaning and also, I was going back to an empty house after 6 weeks which I also wasn't interested in. 
I am a bit of a lone wolf, I do like my own company and it satisfies me, but having had 6 weeks full of seeing people and being with the kids, this week has really made me have to step up quickly to fill my days so I don't feel quite so lonely.

So much had to stop for me in the holidays and at the time I really begrudged it. Even my routine nail appointment fell by the wayside, which was totally fine, but at the time I remember feeling like I was a bit disappointed I couldn't do my own thing. I think that's OK, to find yourself knowing that you are actually really settled in the term time with your routine. 
I love a routine; ever since we got Raph into a routine at 10 months old our life has somewhat revolved around one. Even with changes, having structure is great and the kids knowing that helps them to be comfortable with their day. Raph always likes to know what's going on, he loves knowing even if we are just staying at home and I am really like that too. I need to know what's going on and if a plan changes drastically and I am not told I can often get a bit stressy about it. That all said, walking into the holidays I was happy to throw up the towel for 6 weeks and just get on with it. Now I am here at the end of it all, I am so glad I did. I am glad I avoided appointments and sacrificed my things to allow me to be at home. Looking back, it's kind of a blur what we got up to and it obviously sped by but now I am feeling like I have this new beginning. 

September really is the start of the new year for me. As all the children prepare for a new school year and I feel like I am also preparing for a new year. I suppose with the silence on here over the summer I feel like this is a bit of a rebirth but that's great. It is so nice to realign and set new goals and just find myself with a bit of a drive. 
Yesterday was the first time that I had seen my photographer friend CHARLOTTE and I think both of us were really eager to get together again after the summer. But it poured and actually we got hardly any pictures. That was fine though, just meeting up was enough for me. A time when we could start chatting and planning all over again and I suppose just give each other a bit of encouragement as we step back into 'work'

So here's to the new school year for all of us. I hope you fall back into your own routine and find your heart doesn't break too much when the monotony of the school run starts to kick in. I love it really but I am looking forward to October half term!

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