Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Dolmio Dinner Times {Sponsored Content}

This is a sponsored post for Dolmio

Italy came and went and one thing that we have been sure to bring back home with us is a new love for Italian food. It never really went away but I suppose we were reinspired to use their way of life a bit more at home and that can so easily be done in the kitchen.
The reality is we love the tastes of key Italian meals and they are very much part of our staple weekly diet but they take time to create and we, who have many evenings taken up with kids clubs, wanted to try to create easy, healthy meals which really bring us to the table and give us full bellies like we experienced while we were on holiday.

With the start of the new school term everything falls back into a routine; our Monday and Tuesday nights in particular are the hardest of the week with clubs running over dinner time meaning that we haven't the time or energy to be preparing nutritious home cook meals. Rob is a good chef and loves creating his own dinners. He likes to take time and experiment with flavours which is really great for family eating. I am not as confident but have the job of prepping food on the busy club nights and that is why I always tend to go quick and easy and often more unhealthy.
Being a busy mum already I often feel that cooking is a real burden and I think that is why I don't put my heart into it. There's no shame in admitting defeat when it comes to kitchen skills but when I know I have a short timescale and the kids are being fussy, I just want something easy and very uncomplicated to fill our bellies with.
We live by a very strict standard and prepare only one meal for all of us. The rule for the kids is that you have to try everything at least once before you say you don't like it and leaving a pile of vegetables is a real 'no-no' round here. But inevitably rules get broken or changed and sometimes the kids just get picky for no reason at all.
 I think trying to fill kids' diets with wholesome goodness can be a real challenge and over the last few weeks especially, our dinner table has been left more empty than ever as we dash around on holidays and to the last of the summer parties. Bringing us back together to reinforce good eating habits is something I am really looking forward to with this new school term.

When DOLMIO contacted me to try out their new VEGGIE GOODNESS PASTA SAUCE I was only too pleased to slip a new recipe onto our weekly table. For us, a pasta sauce that already has 2 of your fruit and vegetable portions in is an absolute win. Not only are we filling our bellies with Italian style foods but for me, on those busy nights where I haven't got time to stand preparing homemade sauces, these are a game changer. 

Pasta is a go to for me and our kids love it too. It is quick and easy and filling which is important on sports nights. With the NEW DOLMIO sauce, my job in making creative, tasty and healthy foods is so easy, and my time spent in the kitchen is halved instantly. 
Not ony are these SAUCES great for all kinds of pasta dishes but they will also be great added to a simple Ratatouille, or meatless lasagne or even just on top of roasted squashes or aubergine. It's a great way to add in a few extra veg to our meals and I am so happy that it makes me feel like a better cook.

With an easy substitute for me, making our busy night meals more wholesome and with the kids' new routines starting I am so pleased to have a few packets of this on the shelf ready to grab on those really busy nights. 

How do you cope getting fussy children to eat more veg? Or make busy evening meals full of all the right foods?


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