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What's My Favourite Film? {Learn About Me}

I always think picking a favourite of anything is a dangerous thing. Where is the room for change? If something's declared your favourite then it is often presumed that it will never change and that it should be noted (usually by an other half) so that people are aware of it.
I have wanted to write about my favourite film for ages. I always find films are really great to talk with friends about as you can find out about some real gems that you may have otherwise avoided. For me, I have had a favourite film for approximately 3 years. 3 Years ago, I sat in the cinema and fell in love with a classic story which I felt was perfectly retold. I knew it would long stay as a favourite and not one film has ever made me smile with pure belief in true love like this film does. CINDERELLA (by Kenneth Branagh) has been unbeatable since I watched it. I think it is the most magical retelling of a fairy tale and when I watch it I want to burst with love for the beauty of how the classic story is portrayed. This film makes me happy. I love watching it and it just speaks to me. Simple, easily forgotten about, but to me, a perfect story captured.
Having seen The Greatest Showman 4 times in the last month I feared that it may knock Cinderella off the top spot, but it is a different film. The first time I saw it I felt like I had held my breath through the entire film. It was just wonderful and a really captivating film. I walked away completely enthused with a love for musicals and a real admiration for the simple story telling. A very strong contender but it didn't beat the scene from Cinderella where she meets Prince Charming for the first time in the forest. Their instant fondness for each other and how they communicate that is just perfect!
There is only really one other film that has ever been in contest for the top spot and amazingly it is another Kenneth Branagh one. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is a Shakespeare that I have loved since I first saw it 8 years ago. It was never one I studied and having been in no way interested in English literature I had stuck to Twelth Night and A Midsummer Night's Dream being my favourite Shakespeare plays as I had studied them in school. Shakespeare language was complex enough so getting into his twisted plot tragedies was hard for me. Romeo & Juliette was probably his only exception for me but we all knew that story from a young age. Anyway, I digress... Much Ado About Nothing not only features the brilliant Kenneth Branagh himself, but also a host of fab actors such as Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves, Emma Thompson and Kate Beckinsale. It is just a Shakespeare at the end of the day, no reinvention as such but a good copy of the play and just so wonderfully done. It is a real romance and actually being 25 years old makes no difference. It is still a fab film to put on and watch.
With those 3 very much being up there it is hard to suggest a good small collection of films that i think you should see but I have put together a list of films that I could put on again, and again and genuinely enjoy.

For original Girl Power you need to see The First Wives Club. From 1996 this film is about serious revenge (in a good way) over some cheating husbands! Goldie Hawn is great and as I love her in most of her films this really is one to make you want to have good girl friends!

I would think all of you reading this will have seen Billy Elliot. This hardcore, northern drama is an absolute must see. Totally inspirational with fantastic British actors in and a great story of determination. The dancing (plot spoiler) is also fantastic and the story of a father's love will stick with you forever!

Of all the classic novels it's hard to find a film that really makes you believe in the story as much as the book. I have long been a fan of Emma Thompson and really enjoy watching her. Something about her voice is just beautiful and it always sticks with me. Her role in Sense & Sensibility is perfect and so representative of so many women. I just love it, and as a film and the fact that it has Kate Winslet in it also makes me happy!

I am trying not to fall into a trap of just giving you Romances, I really am, so as another must see; HOT FUZZ!! Simon Pegg is great but I can't say I like the other films in this series as much as Hot Fuzz. I remember the first time we watched it, Rob and I were dating and we sat and laughed and laughed. I hate gruesome films, I really have a thing against them, and I hate even more when films show violence for no reason at all (the Kill Bill franchise literally needs to be burned) but something about the Britishness of this really is funny and the one liners are overflowing; "You ain't seen Bad Boys 2??" I have, it's not great!!

Right, come, let's be more precise, films you must see........ La La Land {one of Rob's Faves}, Eddie The Eagle {will make you really smile}, 3 Men And A BabyThe Devil Wears Prada {What girl didn't want to be Andy}, Ocean's Eleven {the original and the best, love a heist movie but most these days remind me of this one!}, The Thomas Crown Affair {If Pierce Brosnan was your 007 then this is a film for you}. That said, I will always love Daniel Craig as James Bond and SKYFALL is a must see. 

I always find Children's films have such an importance in our lives now but find even the messages from these films touch my heart as an adult and make me believe in magic. Big Hero Six {get emotionally prepped for this one}, Nanny McPhee {Oh, Emma Thompson again}, MoanaTangledBrave {that's three full of awesome girl power}, Ratatouille,  NEW COCO {Disney's new wave of magical story telling at its finest}.

Gosh, it's hard. Once I started the list I didn't want to write down any old film. I have really been thinking about the good ones! There are so many though but hopefully this gives you some ideas for watching on those lazy Sunday afternoons.



  1. Love this post and it's uncanny as I've just been thinking about the power of movies to not only depict a story but to teach us something about ourselves - the greatest films, the ones that seem to resonate most with people are all about the complexities of human nature and our desire for relationship - I haven't seen the Cinderella movie - I'll have to put it on the list!! Movies are so powerful that our church is even using them like modern day parables and on Sunday we watched the Martian with Matt Damon and I'd have to put that on my list now!!!!

    1. That's incredible. Films are a great way to learn and a fantastic tool in modern culture for teaching. I love a romance but good over evil films are still so good and a great way to keep telling us there is something greater than we can imagine!

  2. This is a great post, isn't it fantastic how many great films there are out there! I haven't seen Cinderella either, so its going on my list too. If you like Emma Thompson (as I very much do) you MUST see "The Remains of the Day" It screams Britishness and Anthony Hopkins is fantastic in it as well (another favourite of mine).

    1. Jane, Oh I am going to watch that movie, I love Emma Thompson, sounds fantastic. I like that films can bring out such nice similarities between strangers. Watch Cinderella, super gentle and simple and just a pure love story!

  3. I can not believe I have hardly seen any of the films you have mentioned.

    I am setting myself the challenge to watch Cinderella now. I have never even seen the original as as children we were not allowed to watch TV.

    Mary Poppins is my top movie of all times though. It feels my heart with such joy and I become a child all over again xx


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