Monday, 5 March 2018

Snow In March; Maybe Keep Those Jumper Out!

Why do we always expect it to be warm come March. Has it ever really been? OK, the odd fluke day, but I love that we all gear up for this changeover season like we are going to start basking in some kind of sunny daze. I am one of those people mind; February comes and I stop wearing socks! A little prematurely I am always reminded! But it's strange how the shops start heavily stocking T-shirts and blouses and I wonder why on the school run I am so bloody freezing! I still categorically need jumpers on, I need to embrace that more. A few posts ago I was talking about putting the jumpers away, but that was before the polar weather decided to make an appearance! Now I am feeling like I should take my words back! Sound the klaxons, keep the jumpers out I say!! Only for this week though, then maybe a long sleeved tee will do! 
Even though the weather has got pretty cold again I am finding some happiness in it slowing down life and letting us enjoy the last little bit of winter. 

Before all the snow hit Lincolnshire I had the chance to snap these spring coloured pictures. There is still room in my wardrobe for a few jumpers but this Blue H&M Jumper {weirdly it's not online} is still a perfect fit for the changing season.
For me, dressing seasonally has always been important but not necessarily colour based. I stopped wearing pink and blue together as I find, on me, it can look quite childish. But this combination actually works and the hint of pink in my Accessorize BERET pulls the real spring tones though.
With the hugely fashionable wide leg ankle crop jeans {ALSO H&M} and some old Mary Janes {very inappropriate for snow} this outfit represents what is to come. 

JEANS {I am a 10 and got a 29}


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