Wednesday, 21 March 2018

An Instax Share SP 2 Review

First of all, I just want to say that this product was a gift, but one that required no review. I was given it when I was away in Cornwall with Joules and was asked to tag any pictures I shared of it, but that was it. I wanted to put it on the blog because I genuinely love it and having always wondered if they were any good, I feel it is important to tell you how much I genuinely love it.

As I said it was a gift, but it is only on here because I am so genuinely pleased with it.

A lot has changed in my life with cameras. My very first camera was a Spice Girls (Spice World) Polaroid instant camera. It was fantastic. I loved it so much, but the films were so expensive it spent a lot of its life sat on a shelf rather than being used.

We all know that feeling. One Polaroid picture was like having a piece of gold. Those 10 films gave you only 10 chances to get a good photo. And not wanting to waste them, I knew how important each shot was. I miss it. It was an iconic piece for its time and one that dated fast as soon as I got a digital camera. It became void, but if only I knew what a revival Polaroid pictures would make. Reality is, we all love the nostalgia of holding a Polaroid and actually having the new up-to-date versions are all the rage. My 18 year old sister got one for her birthday and she is so precious over it. I think it needs to be enjoyed more but I really understand it as film packs are always over £15 each. 
This though, my friends is expensive, and you still have the same cost for the films but, you can guarantee a perfect picture every time. I blooming love it! Honestly. The kids too, they think its magic how I have the picture on my phone and it comes out of this little box.

The INTSAX SHARE SP 2 is a FUJIFILM printer which allows you to literally send a picture from your phone to print old school style. It's brilliant. I know it has been on the market for ages and similar products are available but I love this for its sleekness, look and usability. Even on my iphone 5SE the app works great and it is just a really good product.

I think it's more because you can plan, yes, you lose the magic of the spontaneity but you get really beautiful pictures you can do so much with.
Really, if I had known about this before my sister's birthday I would have suggested this instead, it really is great, and for a teen, it's a great way to print and keep those great moments in life. 
As I said, this was a gift but not for sharing in this way, however, all these thoughts expressed are my own and I am sure you can tell just how happy I am with it.

Plus, I can now sing Outcast's 'Hey Ya' over and over {Shake it like a Polaroid picture, hey ya, shake it}.


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  1. Oh I didn’t realise that you were not using the camera.
    We have one and rarely use it due to the cost of film as you say. Which is such a shame.

    We know have photos printed in Polaroid style at quite a cost as Addison and I use them for scrapbooking or on our memory boards. I shall be putting one on my wish list for sure. Xx


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