Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Back To Print

We live in a world that is so often only ever viewed through a screen. We all know this. And more often than not we have lusted over interior and travel images online more than we ever have before because it has become so easily accessible.
Instagram is a great way we find little drops of inspiration. It's all there, set up so nicely and laid out so clean, and now you only need to swipe to suddenly be shopping exact items in an instant. 
With that brings all sorts of good things. It's nice to see pretty pictures whenever you want but actually a lot of the time instead of absorbing someone's creativity we are actually absorbing a huge amount of want and desire in a way we never used to. It's on a colossal level now and we all know it.

My mum has always been one for having magazines. She has always, and still gets, subscriptions for a few classic ones and I went through a phase of finding them void due to their inability to feed my want, but I realised, print is not that. The joy of print is that it truly is there to just inspire. Yes, you can shop from them but only if you seek it out yourself. No one is going to type it in to google and just send you a link. You yourself have to seek out the want and it changes the whole experience. I now know it changes it for the better. A social world is great but actually with regards to wants and needs, we are actually feeding our minds poison. That sounds harsh as you are not going to see me deleting my accounts any time soon but it is the truthful reality of the world we live in. 
Recently we signed up to start getting Raph The Beano each week. Part of it it to help encourage his reading, but part is also as it is really nice to receive a magazine in the post. It has nostalgic value for Rob and I and therefore it seemed a nice thing to do.
It's been a long time since I bought a glossy mag or a fashion mag. I started to really dislike them as they made me feel bad about myself. Now I have Instagram giving me all those emotional joys too. But recently I decided to buy into Suitcase Magazine, Country Living and Lincolnshire Pride. Something style based, something classic and something local. All three publications are of beautiful high standard. This puts the price up as the famous credit card advert says; what it gives me is priceless. 

I found I look through them and want to learn. Want to learn about a place, design and yes, products but not in any kind of instant way. I want to look at things in my own time, at magazine pace. I look through it, put it down for a few days, then revisit it and it just makes my whole look at finding inspiration more laid back rather than some fast paced copycat style life that is more stressful than successful. Instagram makes me want to have something, just so immediately. Turning back to print makes me want to daydream more about what I could do or where I could go and just enjoy it!! 


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