Thursday, 15 March 2018

Modern Rustic Dining Room Inspiration

Having written about turning back to magazines for inspiration, this look was definitely inspired by Country Homes Modern Rustic Edition. I just loved looking through the pages of rooms sharing pictures about this crossover contemporary look where you mix your deep wood and leather items against modern straight lines and textures. I love it. In fact, it's so Scandinavian that I really loved the ideas of mixing wood and plastic. Two totally opposite materials but a look that fits our house really well. 
When we first moved in everything was shabby chic. It was a trend that has been going for a long time but when we rebuilt and restyled everything got a lot more minimal. It took time mind you. We have never had the money to just change it all as we feel like it. And it is only in the last year that colours and shapes have really streamlined the place. 

Now though it seemed like the right time to rid myself of the mismatch dining chairs and actually invest in something a bit more modern. I am sure many if you will have seen how popular plastic chairs have become. Actually, when you say it it sounds a bit silly as the seats are genuinely the same as the ones we sat on at school but the new modern Scandi twist is having them with wooden legs. I love them. They are super sleek, ultra clean and the Danes love them. I, however, knew that there was no way I was losing my vintage church chairs so I needed to pick the most simple ones that would sit alongside and just blend modern and rustic styles. At first it was genuinely weird to look at as we had gone from 4 church chairs and 4 random chairs to 4 church chairs and 4 ultra modern chairs. It looked weird but I think that was because I was so used to what we had. 

Over the last two weeks I have really fallen in love with the look. It so suits our space and actually really smartens the dining area up. With all the plants we have around and the very square sofa, mixing these two chairs actually works really well. I love having more matching dining chairs too. It makes me feel way more grown up.

Want the chairs too? 


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  1. I love the mix of plastic and wood. Different textures but as you say work together beautifully. Especially with your gorgeous table.

    I am really craving the feel of textures and warm woods back into our home and have just acquired for free a wooden dining table so I shall be doing similar.

    Thanks for sharing xx


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