Saturday, 3 March 2018

Why Khaki Is An Essential {Ft. Boden}.

I have a jacket in my wardrobe which is about 8 years old. I remember buying it and even though it's not been quite right on me for a few years now, when I first had it I loved it. I have kept it and it has survived every charity shop clean out because I always think that the colour is always in fashion. And heading into spring/summer it is always a colour that sneaks back out.

My jacket is a khaki coloured one, with a zip and a clinched waist but it is just not right anymore. It's funny though as when BODEN sent this new one over I had to smile, here 8 years on, I still love the simple styles which I know I will be able to keep forever. 

A good khaki jacket is a very good investment. They are not that expensive but I can guarantee you will get your wear out of them year, after year, after year. It's true, trust me. My old one was cheap and a younger person's cut, so I am really happy to replace it with the BODEN one which, last week alone, I wore 3 days running. It's a great cut and a good style and the little gold daisy stars to add a touch of class to the whole piece. My last fashion post was all about how a blazer is a good investment but these kind of jackets are too. I love something that goes easily with jeans and trainers, as a mum I sometimes think that is so key to minimising the time spent getting ready. If I have the basics ready I find I can spend less than five minutes pulling it all on. The end result always gives me a spring in my step and I just love that I know it looks great.
Khaki is one of those colours that so many stay away from but it is actually now a staple. Along with blue, white and black, khaki is a colour ready to have a rainbow built upon it. If you love colour, it is a great base going well with you reds and oranges and if you like to keep it simple, a black and white striped tee matches with it and will see you through many a day! 

This outfit seems golden and sunny, it was kinda warm but it definitely gets me ready for feeling spring-like when the time comes along! 

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