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Understanding Motherhood, A Trip Away & Watergate Bay.

This week has meant so much more to me than I could have ever imagined. I was invited down to WATERGATE BAY HOTEL by JOULES to take part in a mother's retreat. They wanted to give us a few days away from all the noise of life and allow us to just be ourselves for a few days with our own mothers. 

Even though mum and I live within 20 minutes of each other we actually hardly ever see each other. We both lead quite busy lives and it was made quite apparent that time moves more quickly than we realised. The last time we properly spent time together, just us, was a few years ago. But she is a mother to 8 and that makes her time even more sparse. 
For me, going into this trip, my anxiety levels were running high. We have quite a solid routine through the week due to after school clubs. Monday is tennis, Tuesday swimming, Wednesday drama, Thursday dance and going away mid-week threw up the usual contentions of worry about Rob remembering it all. I need to give him more credit because of course he would, but I suppose as a mother and organiser you find yourself comically explaining stuff even though they are nearly always part of the activities anyway. Letting go of the household reigns is hard. We are all quite used to things being just so, so letting that go was already a task. I am glad I did though. Once we made it to the hotel I was not worried at all. In fact, I was so glad of the break from routine that it really did give me that mother's retreat.

Being there with Joules was a joy. Not only are the girls wonderful, but they had organised some real treats for us to take part in while we were there. There was a group of 6 bloggers, including me, all with their special plus ones and we all just clicked. We laughed and shared stories, and found that actually we all had a really nice common ground to stand on. We found ourselves in a very lucky group of very nice people, but that in itself was great. We clicked, our mothers clicked and quite quickly we were all just enjoying the break from life. 
Our few days were spent eating, doing yoga, Nordic walking, swimming and relaxing. We got the opportunity to head out to the beach whenever we wanted due to the beautiful location of WATERGATE BAY HOTEL and what's more, the hotel itself offered perfect views so you didn't even need to leave to get that feeling of being lost in the view. 

The time spent gazing out into the blue ocean is one I won't forget though. I feel so lucky to have been in a position when I had the chance to reflect this week. Motherhood is a job that is just thrust upon you. Are we ever really ready for it and all its trials and tribulations? 
I feel so lost in it all and its ever changing pace. The kids go through weeks of completely stressing me out and as a human I question myself so much within this time. It's hard and the more sleep deprived you become the more you begin to feel like you are lost in the darkness. Then, they, in their development turn a corner and you have a certain amount of time living with a completely different child. Their journey is as tough as ours. They are constantly absorbing views and ideas from so many different things and from there they develop in a way that I actually can't keep up with. I have to remember that however hard I find it they are literally learning how to just be human. I know how to do that already and it actually is amazing to know that me, my ways, are what guide them on each little step. 

As hard as motherhood can be nothing rewards you more. Even in the smallest action like when they say please and thank you with no prompt, they are such celebrated milestones in my head!

Being away with my own mum actually gave me time to reflect on her role in our family to. She has a million plates spinning at all times and for us to spend 3 whole days together was quite an achievement. It's good getting her away from her usual jobs too, ones I understand more about now I am a mother myself. All we are trying to do is provide the best life for our little loves. To give them our time more than anything as that is actually all our children require from us. Time to help them, time to play with them and time where we can just be together with no need to do anything else. 

Motherhood was highlighted this week, I learned that getting away from it all is just as important as getting back into the role. Life didn't go wrong while I was away and it seemed like I wasn't needed at all but there is this space in life which motherhood fills, and I have been given the job of filling it. My role is hard but it is needed and very much wanted.

Watergate Bay

It only seems fair that I include some more details about our stay away. WATERGATE BAY was our little home for three days. It's a hotel that sits right on the Cornish coastline on the way to Newquay. The airport is just 5 minutes away and once you are in there isn't much need to go anywhere else. 
The hotel has 3 restaurants, two in the hotel itself and one right on the beach. There is also an indoor swimming pool, spa and kids club, where all facilities are of the highest standard.
Rooms come in various ways, full sea view, partial sea view and no sea view. As expected though, you will want to see the sea from your window, it is stunning. Even if you don't get a room with a good view you can always head to the pool, ocean room or Zacry's for a perfect panoramic. That's something this hotel does very well, it shows it all off perfectly. 

Food was a big part of our trip. We had 3 great meals every day and ate in all the restaurants. It was perfect, delicious and beautifully presented. Exactly what you would want and so much more. 

The interiors were where I was struck. I absolutely loved the use of classic beach colours but they had styled them so incredibly well. Soft blue velvets against beachy woods. Baskets of blankets and logs and wicker lampshades in the most modern styles; I just loved all the combinations and it made the hotel so beautifully stylish. 

It's almost completely boutique in style but it is actually a massive hotel. Perfect for those family getaways and actually this time of year, perfect for a mini break with just your partner. I would love to take just Rob down. The beach itself is a really familiar place for us as we have holidayed there for years and years but to spend time in the hotel and just walk out onto the beach would be a really lovely thing to do for a few days with just him. 
The ease of it for families though is too good to be true. With onsite childcare and the beach a small walk away, regardless of weather you could enjoy your family stay here easily. No carrying big beach bags down to the sand; you walk down, play and walk back up. It would be so easy. Too easy perhaps!

I know I have come away wanting desperately to go back. It was such a great experience with the other girls, I think it will now always be an even more special place for me, but for what could possibly come in the future, Watergate bay definitely holds a special place in my heart.


Joules was a big part of this trip. It was their event and I am so proud to share all their loveliness with you. They provided for us tenfold and not only were our bedrooms dressed in their newest prints, but we were, head to toe. 
I must share what we had as it really made for a picture perfect trip. 
Everything is available from JOULES online and I will link to individual bits as I go along.

JOULES itself is a brand that is not housed too far away from us. It has always been a popular brand here in Lincolnshire due to its country style, but now more than ever before JOULES is still creating lasting clothes, in iconic prints, that everyone wants to have. I have worn their clothes since my teens and now dress my children in them. They are a brand who actually, at the heart have a team of enthusiastic and caring humans. Having had an art class with some of the print design team and spending the whole three days with PR I can truthfully say that I love being in these guys' company. 
And this is not the first time. A couple of years ago Joules sent me to Bath to do some coverage and I came away from that with the same feeling. I have a lot of time for this brand and their products.

The weather was great while we were down there. Considering a week before we were off school because of the snow I think we were all hoping and praying it would subside. We were lucky. it was sunny most of the time with occasional showers but we all made sure to make the most of it. We did yoga as the sun set on the first day and went Nordic walking in it another. We got a bit wet but the sea breeze also dried us up. I saw my very first full rainbow, where I could see both ends {no gold though} and lived in my wellies, as they were so comfortable!

In the bedroom, our clothes were all lovely gifts and Joules provided us with everything we needed for our trip. 

 With plenty to keep us occupied through the whole trip it is a wonder we we had time to chat and socialise but I am so pleased I got to meet all these wonderful ladies. I thought I would just list their blogs for you:

Thank you to Joules for giving me this time and just letting me be Emily for a few days.

* This whole experience was a gift.

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