Sunday, 4 March 2018

THREE {The Monthly Meet Up}

First off, sorry I am a few days late. I have been at home on snow days but I just didn't want to sit at my computer. It was almost like avoiding work, I just wanted to bask in the white glory of shutting off. There was no real need though. March has come around quickly and I fear what I thought was going to be a nice way to watch the months go by actually might be a sad reminder that time moves far too quickly. That said though I shouldn't wallow. February brought a month of learning something new and I have been really excited to share that with you. 
If you are not aware, my new year's resolution was to do something different each month. February was one where I learned a brand new skill and to be honest friends, it is one that will continue beyond now.

I started quilting. Not just sewing, actually learning the art of quilting and it has been so inspiring in more ways than one. Not only has it got me getting out my redundant sewing machine, but it has really inspired my creativity. I think I had been stifled a bit and needed to find another gateway to get started and this really has.

In basic terms, I am learning how to artistically sew fabrics on top of each other. The quilting process is about the the actual technique put over the top of the fabrics that fuses them together. Think of your quilted coat; that diamond pattern over the top, that's what I am doing. The traditional bedspread is another example of quilting all of which are usually done in straight lines but I have been given the opportunity to learn how to do this in a more freehand way, and that my friends is such a wonderful creative experience.

Having only had a limited amount of time to do this I have spent very little time quilting but I have started piecing and learning all about fabrics. If you follow my Instagram Stories you may have seen me show off a few patchworks I had thrown together. I have been trying to get my head round the basics so I made my first square patchwork and then made a half-square, triangle patchwork. Over the top of them I still need to quilt but they had been such an achievement in this whole process and I feel so pleased to just be making again.

This isn't going to end. In fact my friendship with Martha, my teacher, is one that I need and I hope to continue with this for a long time.
Our Wednesdays have been filled with music by John Mayer, discussions on fabrics, teaching time and also life lessons which I feel so fortunate to hear.

What I am discovering is that finding this time to sew isn't just about me finding something to do or a course to complete. I am learning a skill which requires me to become passionate about something and to find pride in my own artwork which is something I haven't done for a long time. I have been filling my head with ideas and daydreaming about what quilts I want for the home. All because I picked up my sewing machine at the start of the month!

Mentally it gives me something to think about other than work or home and I just find that once I start sewing, I don't really want to stop.
For me, this has been an easy hobby to take up. I already had my sewing machine and after buying just a few small supplies I was able to get started on my patchworks really quickly. I got myself a fabric cutter, small cutting mat and square ruler all from my local DUNELM and that has made me able to start making.

For me now, I am going to continue on this journey. I love what it gives me and I love the opportunities it is opening me up to. I have already met some great creatives at a local fabric shop and I just feel it's something that I enjoy doing for me.
Now to finish my quilts and start some good projects!

As I said, each month I pick a new 'something' to do: January was to not buy clothes, February was to learn to quilt, March is about experiencing more of the arts. Especially locally. I am going to seek out seeing some exhibitions, head to a few galleries and maybe try to find some recitals, but I want to see other people's creativity and see what it does to me.

How are your New Year's Resolutions going?



  1. Oh don't start me sewing again!! In a previous life (i've had many) I had my own business designing quilt patterns, selling fabric and making commisioned quilts - it was my passion, my life... until my daughter came along!! I don't have the time these days as a lone parent with working part time and running our home but maybe one day I'll get back to it. Your photo's are just gorgeous - i really hope you finish what you've started xx

  2. Oh wow. I had seen you piecing this together on Instagram but did not realise this was a new skill.
    Creativity is hugely important for my soul and last year I took up a challenge of 100 days of creating and didn’t continue.

    I think you may have inspired me again. I am off to have a little think.
    Thank you xx


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