Monday, 1 January 2018

ONE {The Monthly Meet-Up}

So hello 2018. Here we are, The 1st of January and the first day of a fresh, new year. I have decided to try and write about each month as it comes, almost to give me a marker point to stop and think. A planner almost to enables me to jot down a few thoughts for the coming month and give you an idea of what might be happening. It's all in a bid to just be more conscious of time and to use it better. I think I need that, just a little reminder of life and what's going on and to just take my time.
So here we are, number ONE of 2018. January. It is actually a lovely time for us as a family. It is a time to really think about a new start, in all areas, trying to wipe clean the slate somewhat and just have a brilliant starting point for the year. What I love about this year is that it is a Monday today. It's like starting the week on a whole new level. Not had a Monday like it in a long time and it's nice to therefore have it this way as I think it puts us all on the front foot. Any dieters or detoxers have the perfect opportunity to start the week well. I know we may all be feeling a bit rough but that new year's day walk freshens us up so well doesn't it. I think so many of us like the fresh air on January 1st, it just gives us that first step in the right direction!
January for us as a family always brings a little break as well as traditionally we take a weeks holiday with the whole of my family {which is pretty difficult as I have 7 siblings} and we head off to Center Parcs. It's an easy retreat for us all; simple and just what we want and need as a family. We take the kids out of school and it is actually a really nice time to have a break for all of us and it really gives us something to look forward to and completely stops those January blues kicking in!
As this season also suggests, I have been trying to rack my brains about a new year's resolution and starting this blog series is kind of it really. I want to do something each month and I am thinking that maybe having these posts ready on the 1st of each month it will give me opportunity about what I want to achieve. This month I am going into the new year with a no spend attitude. Through January I am not going to be spending any money on vanity: clothes, make up, luxury items, all the things that I do not need. Within that, I want to very much learn about living with what I have. A detox for mind, body and home in a way. Just not being so greedy. I think it would be a good way for me to start the year. So the next 30 days it is a huge saving opportunity for me. 
Other than all of the above, 2018 is starting with a few of last year's memories, but with the knowledge of how to take them forward. My godfather killed himself and exactly a year ago we found out. I went to cognitive behaviour therapy to help me understand why I struggle so much with self worth and self esteem and I spent a year feeling anxieties over so much that was out of my control. But going into today and heading forward into the new year I know that I will have opportunities to use the emotions to bring good and find a channel that lets me get over the heart breaks and use all of what I learned to build up a strong, confident woman. 
Let's step into January together and start our journey to 2018 success in love and happiness.


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  1. Loved reading this Emily! What a great initiative to set for the year! Starting the year off with family at Center Parcs is brilliant - we used to do something similar but not on the same scale - neither myself nor my husband have 7 siblings!! Hope that you've managed to save some money too this month. Looking forward to no. 2 in February - can't believe it's nearly here already. X


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