Saturday, 13 January 2018

My Final Thoughts On Our Holiday With Mark Warner. {Mark Warner Mum}.

{Read about the rest of our Mark Warner experience HERE}

I have already used the phrase "Looking through rose tinted glasses" when talking about this holiday. It was an opportunity gifted to us and in exchange we write our honest opinion on it. Our holiday in Tignes with Mark Warner was simply superb, I cannot complain about it. We had the most fantastic family experience while over there and have come away feeling like we hit the absolute jackpot with it all. Would I hand over our hard earned cash to do it again? Absolutely. At the beginning of the holiday this was my main focus question; to discover if my answer would be ''yes''. Midway through I could feel myself swaying; all the points made about doing it cheaper. Yeah, you really could, but you don't get the perks, like: two meals and an afternoon tea a day, or the choice of childcare or the amazing staff, the luxury, the security and just the utmost care. The whole experience was for the family too. I would say this was our only family holiday we have ever had where I could fully relinquish parenting. It didn't suit us at first, in fact we struggled to be away with the kids, yet still away from them, but all of that was in our control. I feel I had a break. I woke up, looked at the beautiful scenery and felt so peaceful. I packed the kids up and watched them go to their ski lessons from our balcony window. I skied myself and enjoyed stopping and taking however long I wanted to eat lunch. Even though it was an active holiday, I was so relaxed. I remember swimming in the Lagon pool and looking out the windows to see blue skies and mountains in the background. I remember feeling like it was the most perfect view I had ever seen. Untouched snow with this purity about it. It was just perfection and no one had spoiled it. Something almost that only certain people will ever appreciate and almost an image of perfection that only the heavens can enjoy. Untouched snow, at the highest point rising up to the big blue sky.

Personally a felt a lot of peace this holiday and that's saying a lot as I spent nearly an entire day crying down a mountain. But that was an instantly forgotten moment. Once I was up where I was comfortable I just felt so at ease. Just so me. It was perfect.
For us, we have no flight complications, no travel complications, no hotel complications so from the security point of view we had no other outside issues that made the trip hard. We made friends with staff and other holiday makers. We chatted with locals and smiled at all. We took risks on opportunities which could have been money wasted and we took time to enjoy the perfection that was around us. We ate well and enjoyed good drinks and we enjoyed a life that was very much given to us and came away wanting more. I want to go back and experience it all over again and I don't want to go back and not do it with Mark Warner. That, I suppose is my answer to all the questions about "Worth". Was it worth it and would I pay it again. Yes. Yes tenfold and I want the kids to go back and learn to ski with Evolution2 again and I want to be part of Tignes Le Lac life all over again. All of it.

I want to thank a few people;
Firstly the wonderful Mark Warner team here for picking me to be an ambassador and the team in Tignes for the lovely stay.
Tignes Official in the Le Lac office for gifting Rob and my mountain pass and being so helpful.
 Evolution2 who were amazing at sorting out the kids' ski lessons and our husky ride and who gave us some discount on the cost of them. 
And NEXT who provided us with our Ski Coats.

This has been amazing.

*Post in collaboration with Mark Warner

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