Thursday, 25 January 2018

Hiber-not {Ft. Joules}

Rob fondly remembers the fashions from his childhood. He used to save up his money and buy branded clothing when he could. It was seen as total luxury, but he wanted to have them and learned that the only way to do that was hard work. Whether he payed for it or his parents, he always respected the value of things. 
We used to really respect a brand and love them from the style and quality. There weren't the same kind of cheap alternatives, so you had less and looked after what you had. He was a child like this; took care of the little things as their value was high and he clearly remembers getting a pair of kickers for school and when he grew out of them, he was gutted as they were still in immaculate condition. He didn't have the same money to buy more as they were an expensive shoe and hugely in fashion. Just imagine how disappointed you would have been. These days cheap imitations suffice our need for the luxury. We share bargain alternatives to the brands, but what I have found as I have gotten older is to simply just trust the original brands. They are better, and I know it may seem silly when cheap versions are so readily available, but I say, if you want it, wait. Save your pennies and buy well; buy to last. 
When it comes to kids it's harder; they grow more but since reducing their wardrobes, I have learned to buy the things that they are really going to wear. Buy things that match well with all their other clothes and buy things that make them happy and comfortable.

Kids spend their lives flitting from one activity to another. They entertain themselves through play in all sorts of ways. Whether it's sat crossed legged on the floor playing with Lego or heading outdoors to climb trees, they are always prepared for the situations where their day takes them.
I worry very little about dirtying clothes these days, mainly because life's to short and also because Rob loves a good soaking off session. So if clothes end up dirty, no problem. I love that our kids "bests" could also be used for running around in the garden. Life is for living and kids will be kids at the end of the day, so let them run and enjoy the moment. 
JOULES have been lucky enough to develop a collaboration with Kickers. Yes, the original super cool kids school shoes are still going strong and now thanks to the Joules team you can buy a colourful alternative to the classic black shoe you may remember. As with anything Joules does they have made a boot that is ready for life. Whether it's for indoors or exploring the woods, JOULES give your kids the opportunity to run free and be comfortable. 
We took our boots to Center Parcs last week. 5 days of cycling, swimming and getting around the great outdoors. These boots, well, these boots were made for the adventures we took them on. They were made for the leaves to crunch underneath them and for the pine cones to be kicked. They were made for exploring and they were made for keeping you comfortable, until you came back home. 

Children grow so fast and for us it is a real task keeping up at the moment. All jeans are getting short quickly but one thing that keeps its pace a little slower is the growing of their feet. 
For Raphael and Giulietta these 4 options were almost too much to choose from. Favourites were the flowers and the plain navy. These tie in so well to their existing wardrobes and teamed with a Breton stripe and jeans, these two were given the opportunity to have the world at their feet! 

Fancy trying some for your kids?
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Raph's outfit; COAT / TOP / JEANS / HAT
Etta's outfit; COAT / TOP / JEANS 

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  1. These look like such cute shoes! I love the patterns, and they look super practical for kids. And what gorgeous photos too- where abouts did you take the photos? The scenery is gorgeous! x


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