Monday, 8 January 2018

The Start Of Our Mark Warner Journey {Mark Warner Mum}

So, just under a year ago I applied to become a ''2017 Mark Warner Mum''. When I wrote my post I had absolutely no expectation that I would ever be picked to be an ambassador for the brand. I had faith in myself I must say, I really tried, and to have been picked out of all the amazing entries there were I was over the moon when the email congratulating me dropped into my inbox. 
Back then though I suppose I had no expectation. Lots of my blogger friends had won ambassadorships in previous years and I had seen their posts, but I suppose, to me, that was still a world away from anything I was doing so I didn't let myself ever get caught up in the idea that I might experience the same thing. Even months later when the departure date started looming I was still really conscious to keep my cool. This, in a way, was a working holiday. I had been tasked with the job of reporting back on what I made of Mark Warner as a tour company itself. 
Having met the team and shared many emails over thoughts of what to do and experiences that could be had, our Ski trip to Tigne in France was booked and then pretty much put on a shelf for a few months. Again, that was it. Done, another reason to not really think about it as I had life to get on with. Always in the back of my mind though I had a ticking; a little pusher to start getting excited  about, but I kept cool. After all this holiday also brought a lot of personal stress. It was the first time we had flown with the kids. The first time we would had had a transfer to and from the airport with quite a big time constraint and the first time that we would be away Christmas week. I started to ask myself why I had ever agreed to going away Christmas Week. The closer December got the more I really thought I had made a big mistake, but once everything was wrapped and in labelled bags, this timing of the trip became the most perfectly timed holiday I have ever had. Christmas week and Skiing, actually could anything be more magical? 
Once December hit, my preparations for the trip intensified. Gear seemed to be arriving everyday as I stocked up on extra gloves and leggings and we had many a laugh with the delivery man who insisted that he would be stowing away in our luggage. The excitement started to kick in and my anxiety did as well. 
It was the final phone call to the MW girls who put me at ease. I could hear their gentle smiles as I asked "If we get stuck trying to get home we won't be sleeping on the airport floor will we?" I mean Christmas day in the mountains I can do that. On Grenoble airport floor, I think I would cry at that. Their answer was simply "Mark Warner are not going to let you sleep on a floor!" And you know what? From the moment we saw our first Red Coated tour rep I knew, they were going to be there every step of the way and even wave us off on the tarmac! 
So that was it, that was my final moment of thinking that I had time to plan things; it was happening. The Inmans were off to the French Alps to spend a week skiing at Chalet Hôtel Aiguille Percée and with no exceptions we were quite simply not ready for what we experienced.



  1. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. i followed your trip closely on IG and as you know, we also went to the L'Aiguille Percee last year when I was a MW ambassador. We had a great week there. I hope you had a really lovely time too (oh my goodness, Christmas day on Grenoble Airport floor would be awful!) xx

    1. Thanks Amelia, I was thinking of you actually and just how well it is set up for kids. makes life over there very easy when you want to go off even for a few hours. I miss it so much already, just so wonderful and so so snowy!! xx


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