Tuesday, 9 January 2018

We Were There {Mark Warner Mum}.

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"Not ready" is actually a misleading statement. I was prepared for a ski holiday Christmas week but actually for what we experienced, I was nowhere near emotionally prepared. 
Everything went to plan. The 4 hour trip from our house to the airport, the first check-in and security walk with the kids, the flight, the arrival at Grenoble and the meeting of Jacob, our first MARK WARNER rep was all easy. We got on the bus with Jacob at the helm and put all our faith in him (and the coach driver) getting us from a pretty dull looking Grenoble to a snowy mountain top. It took just over three hours to reach Tignes Le Lac. The kids were a bit restless but having had their day start at 4am we weren't surprised. Books, colouring and I-spy got us there and actually Etta eventually slept and as she was next to me I found the respite a real blessing. 
By this time, we were actually travelling in darkness and once we were off the motorway I had no idea of the beauty we were missing, but on arrival the complete whiteness of our mountain top began to be come apparent. We were greeted by a host of young looking MW reps. All ready and eager to take our bags from the coach to our bedrooms. All we had to do was walk the steps from the bus station to the Chalet Hôtel Aiguille Percée {which was about a three minute walk} and pretty much get ourselves prepared for what was to come. 

Having never holidayed with MW before we had no idea what to expect. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by Wayne. He gave us all some quick directions and a very accommodating smile which put Rob and I at great ease. We then headed to childcare to meet Chloe who was more than happy to help us out. We were able to meet the Evolution2 Ski Team who were to be teaching our kids how to ski and just find out about and get our heads round the fact that our children were going to be cared for the entire holiday by other people. It was a bit weird at first but something that was a truly wonderful addition to our holiday to have. 
After that it was a quick pit stop at the bar where we then had a formal welcome by manager Wayne who went through all the protocol points and management issues to do with the holiday. Glass of Prosecco in hand, Rob and I kept sharing glances of ''How did we get here?'' as this was like no welcome we have ever had before. We hadn't even made it to our room by this point but as we had a bit of time before dinner was served we headed up to our adjoining room suite with two balconies and pretty much cried. It was so full-on, straight away with both Rob and I feeling totally overwhelmed that we had been given this amazing opportunity. The views from the windows were complete darkness apart from all the twinkly lights everywhere. I had no idea what the morning view would bring, but as we went back downstairs to the restaurant and met many smiling faces we began to calm down. 
What a day! Even writing this is making me nearly cry, it was just so incredible to actually get there.


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