Friday, 12 January 2018

My Photo Walk In Tignes {Mark Warner Mum}

With all the opportunities for pictures having to be quite timed due to hours of daylight and actually being with our kids, who were quite intent on staying in Childcare, it was a tricky thing to do. But Rob, who went off skiing the Red and Black routes with some newly made friends, gave me a perfect opportunity to take myself off for a photo walk around Tignes Le Lac. This is very much a working town with its resorts and chalets, but also with normal life still going on. I even found a primary school on my walk which kind of put it all in perspective a bit. I reasoned that it was like travelling to Cornwall. It was a sporting place, with everything to suit a skier much like most of the Cornish coastline now, but for the locals it was still home. Life went on very much, so without all the skiing, albeit quieter in the summer season but still, Skiing, working and living here was a life for so many. 
Tignes Le Lac is not very big. It's not a vast area at its centre and it makes it appear quite busy on a morning when everyone is heading to ski lessons, but actually after 9am, I felt it was incredibly quiet. People were around but it wasn't busy. It was perfect actually! 
The snow was so thick in areas but life went on. That's a big difference to here. We just can't function as a nation in snow, but here it really made me question ''How do we fuss about it?'' Life was so easy. and every kind of vehicle you can imagine was moving about with great ease! It made it all the more amazing really; everybody just got on, it was great.
Anyway, this post is a bit of a break in the novel of posts that have preceded it. I started writing and just couldn't stop and this seems like a perfect opportunity to show you Tignes through a lens.

This place was picture perfect. I would go back in an instant.

*Post in collaboration with Mark Warner as part of our Ambassador role.

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