Thursday, 18 January 2018

My New Make-Up Collection

Recently skin has really been on my mind. Last year I decided that I just wanted to buy into one make so that I could reduce the size of my make up collection. The thing is I have always wanted to be more into makeup than I am. I like the same style of face for everyday and I ,quite simply, don't have time to do full amazing make up everyday. 

My daily look is the same and I pretty much make it more dressy by adding darker eye shadow and that's it. So having trays full of different shades of everything is just pointless and a perfect place for dust to gather. I knew that I wasn't going to waste it though so had been running down supplies for sometime. 

Most of what is left I plan to give to my younger sister, but for my Christmas present from my parents I asked for a few items from Charlotte Tilbury, to get my serious collection started off. I had done loads of research into the brand and just loved the tutorials I watched. So that was it, I was investing in CT as my make up brand. I have the basic 5 to get me through every day and every day I am loving putting them on! 

I am using Magic Foundation as my base. I wear this in shade two but feel I could go a to shade 3, especially as it warms up. It is a heavy coverage which is strange as I have been reducing my foundation wearing, but it doesn't feel it. I think I felt under confident when I was choosing, thinking I needed a fuller coverage but actually, I don't. However it looks perfect so I am really happy with wearing it. 

I am dignifing my cheek bones and "contouring" as the world would say with the Filmstart Bronze & Glow. I really wanted this as I have always worn a bronzer under a blusher to give definition, but this duo also comes with a soft highlighter so I can up the definition.

 I then have a blush which is perfectly pink for my skin tone. A sweep across the cheek bones gives me just what I want. I have the Cheek To Cheek Blush in Love is the drug.

 The Legendary Lashes mascara is possibly my favourite! It's thick and black and just looks great. 

Then as a real luxury I got their iconic Bar Of GoldNow this wasn't necessary as I had a highlighter in the duo but it was what I wanted. It is a brighter and more defining shimmer and I love using it around my eyes, along my brow bone and just above my lips. 
The only thing I haven't got myself yet is a lipstick, or rather a couple. I have given up spending for January so that will have to come in Feb! I love the look of their K.I.S.S.I.N.G range though. Any of those colours would be great! 

I have completely reduced my make up box and it feels so good. I suppose it really stems from trying to minimise my life more. I work on it with our stuff round the house so its nice reducing my things giving me more clarity on a morning when I am getting ready. It's just simple and I love the finished look.

If I were to add anything else to my collection it would be; 
Instant Eye Pallet (But it is expensive).
Light Wonder Foundation (A light coverage with SPF)
Legendary Brows

That way I would be able to create a great day to night look and still keep my collection quite small.
Have you invested in a make-up brand and found its benefits?

Also, I just thought I would a share a few pictures of how the makeup sits on my skin.



  1. Looks great and you have some beautiful products there! I too am investing more time and effort into my skincare and face this year as I have been so naughty over the years and now I am seeing the results! Lovely photos xx

  2. I love make up - especially blusher! I have tried some Charlotte Tilbury and really love it. x


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