Monday, 25 September 2017

My Camel Coat.

I love coat season. I love it the most of all fashion items; a good coat is the only thing you need to carry your style on and on as each year passes. For a while now I have been buying coats that are what I actually want rather than what I need. I have been making sure my purchases are with a mind for "the long run", rather than just for the year. I try to steer clear of "fashion coats" {saying that I did buy that Primark red one} and buy coats that I know will suit my style for years to come. With that sometimes comes a price tag though and what I have done, is tried to get a good coat on my birthday or at Christmas. Over the last few years (with some splurges in between) I have gathered a few, good, solid coat styles that just keep coming out of the wardrobe and looking like I bought them recently.
No coat of mine compares to my old fashioned camel coat though. I had been looking for a camel coat for about 5 years. I had bought and returned numerous ones and had never found one that was styled just how I wanted it. The reality was I wanted something oversized and a little bit like it was from the 80s. Like the classic, old camel coat our parents might have had. My Grandma still has a beautiful oversized one that is just perfect. The kind you could put on with an evening dress or wear with boots across a muddy field. It is just gorgeous and the most beautiful shade of dark caramel. That was the goal, and it took me so long to find it. It was my birthday last year that I got 'the one' though. The one that I can just pull on with anything. The one that I could wear out over an LBD or in fact wear with vans and jeans. And it is this coat that gets me excited for coat season. This coat alone was the only one I was looking forward to wearing again and honestly, it's first wear out last week was a happy occasion.
Every year all the stores try to bring out a range a classic coats alongside their trend based ones. And every year I see a dozen camel coats in gorgeous shades of caramel but I honestly have never found one I like more than mine. And that's key; buying an expensive coat is down to you: Your tastes, the qualities you want it to have and that's why investing in a nice rich camel coat is such a good idea. If you find the perfect cut and fit, I don't think it matters what the price tag is. Yes, you might not be able to buy it straight away but save those pennies and invest and I can promise you, for every winter there is to come it will become a life long piece.
What I love most about a camel coat, as I have said is its versatility. I challenge you to find something it won't go with. OK, OK fluorescent colour probably won't accent it well but all your berries, dark greens, navy blues, reds will all look great through this next season. And what's more, team it with a striped t-shirt for the chicest outfit going. You honestly can't beat it!
 I couldn't wait to wear it for these photos in a super casual way just to share with you my love for it. It has love wrapped up in it and I think really, that is the reason I love wearing it; it is just special.

My coat {by Sessun} is unavailable but I have found some great offerings from:
{OMG this one is the dream} BURBERRY {if by chance Burberry read this blog, hook a girl up!}.


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