Friday, 15 September 2017

Living The Hygge Life {me at the moment}.

I have been so looking forward to getting into my Autumn Hygge. In reality what I have learned from last winter's "Buzz word" is so much more than just using it as branding to what I am doing. It isn't just a hashtag, in my book, or an opportunity to look art nouveau in the Instagram world. Nope. After spending time writing about it last A/W I have found to be so much more than experience just linked to comfort in the colder months.
Copenhagen was a big thing for me this year. I am still heartbroken that we are not there now and just last night had a dream that we took the kids there and it was like a follow on return. That's what inspired me to write this post really. It was just one of those dreams which could just happen; pack our bags and go back with all that mattered to us.

That's not happening though and what I have to hold on to is an experience that has obviously touched more than I thought. In the dream I had those feelings; pure happiness at being back there and even writing this down I am smiling, remembering and can feel the emotions I felt there all over again. That was my Hygge. is my Hygge. That feeling of pure happiness. I have not let go.
Since coming back there was so much of me wanting to put those feelings into the house. One thing Rob and I both said while we were there was that we didn't have this overwhelming want to change our house and make it more Scandinavian; it already was on its way to saluting their style. And it was true, when we got home there was any major changes. While we were away I got the confirmation of the campaign with Wayfair so I knew what the biggest thing I wanted to change was going to be and it just filled me with joy to walk into our house and feel like everything we had just experienced, the comfort, the looks, the emotional feelings were being represented around our home. Then my home reinforced the hygge {the true happiness} of the trip. What a way to affirm one's feelings over a different country; to walk into one's house and find the same representation there for you constantly.

Oh I just love it. Over the last few summer weeks I must say I have had my chance to add a few more pieces making the space a bit more special. Rob came home inspired by the use of wood and relaying our decking and I have made sure to really use wood in more of our looks. Uncovering the dining table more to reveal the wood finish. Sanding back the dark wood dining chairs also is my little way of bringing that bareness into the house. I also have hung a few more plants and changed a few accessories round to really make sure that actually I appreciate all the little things that bit more. 
I have really started thinking about texture in the house more and over time will talk about this in different areas but more recently it has been smooth wood and metal that has really set me off and inspired my hygge like thinking.

As always the discovery of hygge was no new thing. Creating hygge is easy and you will find you already do it without even thinking but what I am constantly doing is finding it in my life and making sure it enters my soul. The everlasting appreciation of love and happiness. Peace and comfort and just doing what makes me happy.


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