Wednesday, 20 September 2017

That Red Pop! {New Colour Trend Alert}

I always love how I end up having trend colours filter into my wardrobe. I am so intent on making a really neutral coloured collection of clothes but some bright poppy colours have slipped the net and you know what, I am so pleased!
It all started with a red party dress. It was cheap, I was in desperate need for a dress for a wedding and it was purchased without out much thought. The response of said dress was so amazing though that I realised maybe red is a good colour for me! I think being blonde helps, as the bolder colours like red, oranges and bright pinks do suit blondes really well.
So the red dress started the trend and since then it has become a really accessible colour and is tipped as one of the key colours this season.  It is widely available  from most places but I have really enjoyed what  H&M have on offer. They just seem to be so on it at the moment and they have a huge selection of Red items. I really love this red balloon sleeve jumper, perfect for everyday wear and my red suede loafers are great and you can style them in different ways. I have picked up a few red bits from other places but have found H&M has such a great selection all round.

I also managed to get one of the Primark red coats. I usually hate Primark, i just get fed up of it and the mass production of everything. Don't get me wrong, I think all essentials are great from there but I find with their fashion clothes I am often disappointed because in reality they are cheap, and it is beginning to show. That all said, I am happy to put my hands up and say they have done good with this one coat. Totally affordable and a fantastic colour. The cut is also great on me but I think with Primark you have to try on a few of the same size as there isn't always continuity with the cuts. 

I am also picking up red items from NEXT who always guarantee great quality pieces at a good price. I really love this red blouse, it is perfect for just teaming with jeans and wearing as a more formal top for work or just with jeans and a good biker jacket.

My usual blue or black stripes have also been ambushed by this red trend in the form of a red striped tee from ASOS. It is really boxy but just pulling it on with jeans really brightens an outfit and the red really pops. It also looks great with my red coat!

Oh and as it was my starting point I just wanted to share the Red dress again. Like I said, I had picked it up on a whim, looking for something to suit two summer weddings and I got so many compliments whilst wearing it. I felt like the emoji of the lady in the red Spanish dress. It just whirled as I twirled on the dance floor all evening and it was just perfect.
This ASOS dress is a great buy if you ask me!

Having been focusing mainly on what I can wear I was so surprised when I had a lovely little gift arrive from a PR company to try out. I go into wearing perfume again this summer after picking up a few new scents so this gift was perfectly timed. The new ROGER & GALLET Gingembre Rose has the most beautiful musky scent that it complimented my red mood perfectly!

Are you wearing lots of red at the moment? Is it the kind of colour you would filter into your wardrobe?


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