Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What I learnt over summer 2017

Well I can't complain. This summer has been a good one and even though we are now back at school and the weather has been a bit rubbish there has been so much I have learned this summer about myself and from the places we have been that I felt I just wanted to jot some of them down. 
Firstly, we have travailed. I mean, not lots compared to some but from Little Lincoln we have gone all the way to the Cornish coast and all the way up to Dundee. Alongside that, we have also gone over to Copenhagen and to Italy and all within the summer months. We have attended two weddings, had 3 birthdays, a few pizza parties, BBQs and day trips out. It has been a summer well spent and one that I don't feel has been wasted at all. 
In fact, waiting at the school gates for pick up yesterday felt all too normal considering I haven't stood there for nearly 7 weeks, it quickly comes back to you. 
This summer for me has been great, not only did Rob and I start off the summer with a our trip to Copenhagen to celebrate my birthday but from that moment really we were kind of in the travelling mood. Travelling though throws up such huge anxiety for me. I think I had put it to the back of my mind but then once we stepped on that aeroplane it all came flooding back. The thing is I don't think I like flying. I mean it is awesome, but really I get hyper anxious about the usual death and destruction that it really hinders the experience for me. But I don't let it affect my days once I am away. in fact I quite easily forget that a flight somewhere always has a return and once we step on the plane the motion brings it all back. I knew at the time I had to work on it. We were going to be getting on a plane again at the end of the summer so I just had to suck it up and after going to Italy I actually realised that regardless of travel, if you don't do it, you don't experience it. 
We also drove miles this summer. Well, Rob drove miles and he got us down to Cornwall and up to Scotland with no difficulty. Travelling in this country is something I want to do so much more. I love where we go in Cornwall; it is always perfect and then up in Scotland, discovering more about the area where Rob's aunt lives. It is just beautiful and even there we had an amazing experience of dolphin spotting on the Tay river. This summer brought so much, so much for Rob and I to remember and tell the kids about who are young enough to inevitably forget these experiences, but we did them, and it was inspiring. In fact, Italy was so inspiring that next year I have suggested to Rob we take a 5 week tour. He has already knocked it down to 3 weeks but I desperately just want to head back over and just enjoy living in the culture for a while. I feel like a turn down France then northern Italy would be amazing and just live off bread and cheese and making memories. If this summer has taught me anything it is that getting away is actually good for you. Whether it's in this country or abroad; doing your own thing and making something of the time is what is needed to fuel you for the rest of the year. All I know is that come next summer I would love to get away again, and not even in a glamorous hotel way, just touring as a family and enjoying different things each day.
Did your summer inspire you to do more?


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