Monday, 11 September 2017

Marriage, Pizza and The Italian Waiter!

It's definitely taken me a few weeks to get back into writing. The kids are back at school and for the first times in years I have a freedom that feels most peculiar. My only real aim for this first week was to get to the gym. Uber sad. In fact even sadder than that but that's just what I wanted to do. It has been a funny few weeks though. Since getting back from Italy it is safe to say that Rob and I have somewhat been trying to continue living life in the Italian spirit, so I thought this was the best time to share our trip and re-ignite our poor, yet excitable Italian accents!
We headed out to Lake Como for a long weekend with friends to celebrate a wedding. I must say, I was excited but I honestly didn't really get that giddy feeling until we left. I hadn't had much chance to think about it. We were going for a wedding so in a way I hadn't thought about it as a personal holiday, it was already in my head as an important event; the wedding of our friends, so I had only thought about it like that. We also booked it ages ago and it all of a sudden was here and we were off!
As far as what we expected, well, we got way more than that. Firstly we went with another couple and they had sorted our AirBNB, which we had not used before. Much to both couples amazement, it seemed that we had booked an absolute gem in Tremezzo, where the wedding was taking place, right by the lake. Literally, our view was the road then the lake, not one thing in the way of us sitting on the balcony and watching the Italians pass by in their speed boats! What a beaut! It then seemed that the owner of the apartment owned the restaurant below which turned out to be our main source of food. Not only were the staff wonderfully polite and accommodating to our poor attempts at speaking Italian, but one in particular was flipping gorgeous! I am not even joking. I feel it is important to mention because all 4 of us fell for his tan and Italian charm (yes boys included)! It was also he that directed us to a brilliant little local spot where we were able to head into the lake and swim with other Lake dwellers. I think what I didn't expect from arriving here was that it was all simply beautiful. The run down buildings, the attitudes of the people, the amount of Fiat 500s all added to this unbelievably breathtaking area. In fact even before we got to Tremezzo we were all filled with excitement from the views we had taken in on the drive there. About 30 minutes from Milan you hit the lake and then partake in a very scenic drive around the edge. It was very "pinch me", too good to be true almost.

(we stayed in the first floor of the yellow building)

(our local swim spot)

What added to the whole experience was of course the wedding. It was beautiful, like something from the movies and so well organised that it was just a dreamy day. Rob popped for a swim to start it off, then we took a boat ride to the ceremony and a boat ride back to the party venue. It was hot but totally idyllic. And as we sipped our Rossinis on the balcony of The Grand Tremezzo Hotel we anticipated a good dinner but actually were treated to some of the finest Italian dining we have ever had. In fact, I have never tasted a prawn linguini better than the one I had there. Fresh pasta, cooked to perfection. I miss it! So much dancing (and sweating) filled our evening with a lovely walk back to our apartment only 5 minutes away in the early hours. It was pretty amazing. And not only were we spoilt with the wedding day, but the Sunday was a second party at a beautiful villa with a pool and jetty into the lake at the end of the garden. It was hard to decide which one to get in but as swimming pools are usual and Lake Como, not so much, we spent the afternoon splashing with friends, laughing and joking and just enjoying the fact that we were swimming in a lake surrounded by beautiful scenery in Italy.

We fell quite quickly in love with the place (and the waiter) and just all seemed a bit smitten really. To round off the weekend we also ended up at dinner with the some guests that had been on our table at the wedding. It was one of those evenings that just was so natural. We stayed up late considering we were all exhausted and shared many laughs over another big meal and just had one of the holiday moments that leaves you feeling so happy. Good friends, good food and good company. Pretty much the Italian ethos to life, no?
 Over the weekend we consumed a bountiful load of melon, Parma ham, mozzarella and of course, pizza. The four of us were pretty intent on the pizza thing. Have you ever had a Italian pizza in Italy? Well I have, I have had 3 over 4 days, I am quite proud of that. Also kind of the reason why I was ready to get back in the gym! They were perfect, and just what we all needed to make the weekend perfect really.

Coming away from it all we both just were filled with joy. It was an amazing weekend and we always love it when a wedding re-affirms your beliefs. I just wanted to quickly mention how amazing the wedding service was. I haven't been to a foreign wedding before but the Mayor was there and had to read certain requirements, as it were, for the bride and groom to adhere to within marriage. They obviously have a few over there and they choose to read some at the wedding. They spoke about the importance of building the family home and how a child should contribute to the family come the age of 12. Just really nice ways of stating the obvious really, that the marriage quite simply revolves around family and making sure that is the most important however you do it. It was just really lovely to witness friends professing their love, in a beautiful place in a beautiful way.


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