Wednesday, 4 January 2017

What's in my make-up bag this month?

I think a woman's life is one long journey to find the perfect foundation. I mean, how much money do you waste on trying different ones looking for THE one? Just before Christmas I treated myself to a bit of a make re-vamp and as I was perusing our local Tesco beauty counter I was struck by the L'OREAL section as they had a big 'How To' display sharing tips on what to do with their products. 
It captured me anyway and I bought into a bit of the True Match range.
I only want to write about it as I have been so pleased with how it sits on my skin and the colour tones that I felt it could help other women who may also be on a quest. 

I have:
These four pieces have really changed how I apply make up. First of all, once you pick your foundation, all the other true match products have codes on them so you can match up the right tones all from your base. This really helped me in deciding what to get. There are all sorts of blushers and bronzers that will match with your foundation, but I still had some I liked so I didn't want to get any just yet. I will be adding to this range though once I have finished them as I am really pleased.
The foundation and concealer sit on my skin well when applied with a damp blending sponge. I then add my highlighter to the suggested areas from the back of the packaging giving me a hint of shimmer.

From then I also have got myself the LUMI Magique concealer which I apply over the top of the layers to add a hint more light to under the eyes and often just under the eyebrows to make them brighter. But you do not need this product to start with.

I also invested in some great lip colours in the Color Riche Gold Obsession range. I find these stay on so well and with a top coat of 505 Never Let Me GO in the Xtream Resist lip gloss that I would apply once and just top up if I were going out. These have been a great purchase; I love the Nude gold and the Pink gold.

These products have become my everyday wear and I really love applying them. It doesn't take me long and I find thy look good all day. 

Why not try out some L'OREAL for yourself?



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