Monday, 9 January 2017

Sale coats for future wears.

I know I say that I don't like shopping in sales. I really don't, but sometimes the odd pick up is more of a necessity right? That's what I tell myself anyway. 
I often just feel buying last season's clothes in sales then sharing them on the blog is a bit pointless, as it means most of the time people can't get the same item. However sometimes I do buy in the sales in the hope to just inspire people in outfit ideas or just for future reference. 
I find when I look though the sales I am often looking for something in particular. In this case, I went to town specifically to find a fur coat. I had seen a few styled really casually for day wear and just wanted in on the action! But the reality of it is, I probably wouldn't wear a fur coat all that much (or so I thought) so buying one in the sale seemed sensible. I must say, I came across this one, and only one coat in the whole of my search. And unbelievably it was a close match to a grey shade I was seeking, so in this case, it really was meant to be. I have found the EXACT COAT ONLINE so if you like the look of it it may be worth a purchase. I hope to mainly wear it with jeans and have it as every day wear. It will see me through a few months now but for next winter it will still be perfect!!

Another sale coat purchase was this gorgeous pink Boden Sally coat which is a great purchase for now and into the spring. Again I got this to wear casually with jeans and trainers and as something that will just add that beautiful pop of colour to an outfit. With my current colour palette this pink will match in so well with my white and blue shades. I wasn't bothered that it isn't a lined coat, more of a very heavy thick coat again. I got a 10 and would usually get 8s in coats but it means that a chunky knit fits under well and make it perfect for layering with now. 
This could easily be an all year round coat and I hope to wear it like that!

Both coats are great additions to my wardrobe which means I need to shift out some others onto ebay to make space!

Outfit examples:

Emily xx


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