Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The return of the school run! #Stealmystyle

Well that was a shock to the system! I mean, 8.40am came round too quick and I was not one of those mums who repacked the P.E kits last night or even got anything ready in fact. I actually think I was almost under the illusion that it wasn't happening. I had got way too comfortable with the holiday period.
It is always weird when just Etta and I get back home. She very quickly is back into her routine of being able to watch whatever she wants on TV and have most of her toys out. For me though, it is a little more strange. The house is very quiet as Etta is amazing at playing and entertaining herself. Her only requests so far have been to have some popcorn and the play-doh out. An easy girl to please. I have been able to sort the kitchen a bit and empty the recycling. Very mundane jobs that keep the house ticking over. The beginning of the day started with a little more excitement though. I have been waiting nearly two weeks for my new puffa coat to arrive. You may have seen that a puffa style coat is the thing to be seen in recently. However I really am not for the 90's cut that so many of them come in. I can't say that is a trend for me so I opted for a tried and tested cut by ZARA. I have had 2 of these coats before in the past 5 years and they are amazing. Comfy, easy to wear and always look good. My sister has stolen my bright red and khaki green one (they 'borrowed' and are yet to officially return) but when I saw the off-white one with rose gold detailing it was too hard to resist. I have always loved white coats, but due to their total impracticality I don't have any. Years and Years ago I got a longer white puffa and loved it until it become a bit flat. This new addition to my wardrobe is beautiful though. If you know me well you will know coats are my vice!
So when it came to getting school-run-mum ready this morning I had an absolute ace in my hand. Teamed with black skinnies, a nude pink jumper, some Kendall & Kylie boots (via OFFICE), and an amazing ebay sparkle hat, I felt I looked totally in control, when maybe I felt that I had just rolled out of bed!


Emily xx


  1. That hat is stunning! I've been such a bad school run mumma. Only 6 months in and I hide behind a thick north face coat and scarf. That's Aberdeen weather for you. I need to up my game for summer!! Love your style xx

    1. Thank you so much! You have a good excuse to wrap up if you are in Aberdeen! In lincoln the weather is so placid! Haha! Em x


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