Friday, 6 January 2017

The Journey: Epiphany

This weekend, for us, ends the festive period. Traditionally, when the Kings arrive at the stable in Bethlehem is when the Nativity story ends, or rather where it begins. 
Epiphany, in the Catholic church, is the celebration of the arrival of three wise men. Who had journeyed following a star to see where a new king had been born. For them, it was a time of understanding and somewhat of a revelation into seeing how God had manifested himself. Yes, indeed they themselves had an epiphany moment. That point of sudden realisation that in fact the son of God had come to the world through very ordinary people, in a very natural way, as he was a baby. A king, but also just a baby.
Their journey to this end point must have been quite amazing. The idea of a star to lead the way, a journey from their distant lands to this stable place. What must have they been thinking? How can they have kept going on this strange quest to discover God?
That got me thinking What is my journey and is there any way I can stay as focused as these kings to achieve the goal at the end. The joy in my personal faith is that I walk with God. Which I suppose gives me an upper hand. I believe in the nativity story, about the angels in the sky and about kings riding on camels, so for me, this representation (which some Christians believe to just be imagery) is how I focus on my journey. The fact is I can have this proof of things happening (the bible), but the Kings, they had nothing. They travelled on faith alone, with no stories, no names, no written down actual, physical happenings. Yet they carried on until the end. 
To have faith in one's journey thus proves to be exactly what I need. To simply have faith in my paths appearing and being laid out before me is how I want to live. To make the right choices I need to put my faith into practice and do what is right.


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