Monday, 16 January 2017

How's your January Looking?

When the year starts we all have such high hopes and expectations. Statistically by mid January the New Years resolutions are beginning to fall by the wayside and people are giving up their enthusiastic Ideas to change.
The only way to not fail and become part of that statistic is to change yourself permentantly. Not for a month but for your lifetime. If you know you eat badly, stop it. Honestly. We all love a burger now and them but make it occasional. If you want to be fitter, start walking. Don't go in and start running everyday for a week you'd just give up so go slow and build it up. What ever you do dont go feeling guilt for what yo have not achieved, just keep trying.

I find the begining of the year is usallay reall fresh and a great way to just open your life to a new beginging. As much as i hate that term, and it suggests that we are all faulty or worng, it is a good initiative to give us a boost in the right direction.

I find often January is the one month where I can keep on track with life a little bit more. you are never as busy in January and often its cold so you dont plan too much. It's nice just being at home more and hibernating just a tiny bit. My calender is never that full and even looking at it now the months looks so quiet. I have a calender I write on then I also have this beutiful hand illustradted viewin one. It is a perfect shelf sitter callender for dates and days at a quick glance. I met illustrator Sophie Kinns in Bath last year when she hand scketched a small print for me. It was sickenly perfect, you know, she did it with ease and it took her no time, real skill and quality produced right befor my eyes. I remeber her saying she produced her own calender but that was in spring and by the time december came around it was a distant memeory. I loved it when she contacted me again though to say she had re-produced a new one. It instantly reminded me of the little hand drawn print she did for me and brought back happy memories of my trip to Bath.

This wonderful calender is a building skyline that you can style in your own way. January is the biggest one, the black night sky as it were which will sit perfectly at the back and create the backdrop to all the other pretty houses for the rest of the year. What I love about this is once you have brought the set with the stand you can just get refils for each year.

The beautifull illustrated details on the little houses really add that quirky look making this calender one perfect for those who appriciate something that isn't mainstream.

With a pretty callender like this keeping me on track I am finding the month of January is passing me by and my excitement of moving the card to the back to build my little city with February at the front instead is building up nicely.

It is certainly not to late to purchase your own callender from Sophie Kinns.  It would make a perfect birthday present for anyone with celbrations in these first few months of the year!

Emily xx

*Post in collaboration with Sophie Kinns


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