Monday, 30 January 2017

Put on your dancing shoes FT. VQ & 20% OFF!

With Valentine's day just 2 weeks away, I must say I have been spending my time thinking about what I want to do or give to Rob and the kids. We celebrate it in the smallest of terms but I always like to mark it with little treats and a nice dinner, usually at home, I can't remember the last time Rob and I went out for a Valentine's meal, most definitely before children but after, not so much! It doesn't bother me though, a nice meal at home is all I need but we do like to mark the occasion and I think that is really important. I have always loved Valentines day, I have never looked at it negatively but that's because we always received cards from my parents and it was always just a really nice day.

The children traditionally have always delivered heart balloons to grandparents and I have always done them a bag of little treats, but this year I am thinking we may do a really nice dinner and dance just for us at home. Etta especially loves dancing so any music would make an evening 100 times better!
I have been talking about my love for VQ Radios for a few years now and have always been so pleased with the different models I have been lucky enough to test. Recently, and quite aptly for Valentine's day, I was able to get my hands on one of their Hepburn MK2 Lulu Guinness 'Lips' print radio. Out of all of the radios we have tried, the sound that comes out of the Hepburn MK2 is my favourite. It must be to do with the size of the speakers as I really can tell the difference and this by far is the best model for playing music from for things like parties. I really love the quality that comes through even at the loudest setting. So for a Valentine's party at home I knew this radio wasn't going to disappoint. 

And as for the look, well the chic black and white is a print that fortunately is bold enough to go against any coloured wall and stand out. The classic Lulu Guinness lips homage reigns true and the print fully represents her brand. Combined on the MK2 this radio is perfect for the girl who loves playing loud and chic designer prints.

For us this is a piece that means we can enjoy our music using the bluetooth connectivity and have perfect quality sound streaming into our house. The print matches our decor and is bold but minimalist meaning that it can sit on the sideboard and confidently stand out against our white walls. 

As for our Valentine's dinner, we can have this on in the background so we can set some kind of romantic mood before the kids want some horrible cheesy songs on that we are all ordered to dance to! It will be fun none the less!

If you want to purchase one of the gorgeous radios from the VQ range why not use our 20% off discount code GLITTER20. Valid until the end of Feb17; what a treat!


*Post in collaboration with VQ

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