Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Pyjamas All Day.

I have never been the kind of person who can sit in pyjamas all day. Don't get me wrong, I love a lazy day as much as the next person, but I don't even own any jogging bottoms, so it is not really part of my character to just laze all day. The other day though I did. I pretty much stayed in bed all day. It was the day after a funeral and Etta was with her grandparents and I just felt awful, so Rob insisted I stay in bed and just rest all day.
It wasn't until 2016, the year Rob was the most ill I have ever seen him, that I understood the great importance of resting when you are ill. I know none of us really have the patience for it and once you have kids it is almost impossible to have a lie in let alone a whole day in bed. But when Rob had suspected Glandular Fever the doctor was quite insistent that if you do not rest, your body will shut down and you will have no choice but to stop. And this is what happened with Rob. He fought 2 boughts of Tonsillitis and was still working the day he was put on antibiotics. Why do we do it; just push on? In his case, a few weeks later he ended up being off for 2 weeks because his body just gave up and said "I'm Done". Since then we are both superconcious of letting the other rest when they seem to be ill. It honestly makes a huge difference. Giving up that one day instead of three or more the following week is much better. I find what is also amazing is that mentally, taking yourself away from the kids is good for the mind too. That in itself is like a holiday. Just having someone else have them for a good period of time is a huge mental relief. That break is really important sometimes. 

For me, even though it is an alien concept and something I don't like doing, a day in my pyjamas really helped me out. I have this horribly tickly throat and ear ache so dosing up on meds every four hours and just sleeping in between saved me. 

Having new pyjamas to keep me comfy also helped. As I said earlier, I don't own jogging bottoms, I have never really done that kind of lounge wear thing, just pyjamas or clothes are my option. This Christmas I had consciously not bought myself any pyjamas as I knew I wanted to have a bit of a drawer refresh in the new year. I also didn't want to pay full price for pyjamas that I knew would go into a sale straight after Christmas so I waited. What difference do pyjamas have anyway in terms of on season trends? Pyjamas are pyjamas, but 'sale' pyjamas are better, right?
Anyway, I just like to keep it simple and love legging style pjs so these cosy jersey long johns from Boden were perfect, and 'moin cher'!
I got them in the grey, pink and blue and cleared out all old pjs that had seen better days. A fresh influx to sort me out for the rest of the year.

You have to buy tops and bottoms separately which is good as I am 8/10/12 in sizing so was able to get a small top and medium bottoms and the fit is perfect!They are super soft and just perfect for pulling on and getting cosy in. The pink are my favourite ones and I love that dusky nude shade but for me, stripes and soft fabric are a great combination so these will be well used. 

If you are feeling unwell and are able to have the chance to rest, I urge you to take it. Don't think "Oh no kids, I can get all the washing done", (that's what I would do). Honestly, rest as it will help you get over what you've got a lot quicker!

Emily xx


  1. A lovely read. Sorry for your loss. My husband had glandour fever a few years back and it took well over a year for him to recover, you are absolutely right about resting, we are all so busy that it feels unnatural or lazy but you really do prolong the illness by not resting.
    I love a new set of Pyjamas you can't beat them! Hope you are feeling back to your glittery self again very soon xx

  2. Lucky you to have someone to look after the children - as a lone parent its an absolute must that I not give in to illness - but don't get me wrong I would seriously love to. I have no choice unfortunately x

    1. So sorry it has taken Me so long to reply to you! I have been thinking about how lucky I am and just how inspirational single parents are. You teach me so much about how strong I need to be but you my dear are so much stronger than I will ever be! Big respect! Hope life is treating you well! Xx


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