Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Sibling clothes shopping with Courage & Kind

When I first started sharing Courage & Kind clothes I knew they would be a brand loved by many. When it comes to shopping with them, they also make my life pretty easy. I know what I am getting; the style, the quality, the kind of print imagery, I love them all, they are a great children's brand. That said, their newest collection for girls really surprised me! It is really nice to know what to expect from some brands but their most recent Alice In Wonderland girls' collection threw a big curve ball, or so I first thought. 

On opening the package I was truly surprised at the bright colours compared to the softness from their other collections, but as soon as I got Etta in them the fantastic print of the leggings and pop of colour from the cardigan put them up their as some of my favourite pieces from the brand. Beautifully colourful, this collection really captured the heart of me and my little girl. 

I have said it about Courage & Kind before but their talent in capturing childhood magic in clothes is incomparable. Not only is this Alice collection perfectly girly and child directed, their new boys Jungle Book collection is an absolute gem in homaging the original Disney film. 
I must say, I think one of may favourite pieces ever is this Shirt Jacket with the Elephant March print on it! Every time I see it I just start singing "Hup, two, three, four, keep it up, two, three, four." from the film. It really captures the Colonel's march song in its simplistic design and it is just perfect!

Wearing it alongside his Jungle V.I.P tee, this boys collection sure gets you singing a merry tune as you get the kids dressed on a morning!

Styling both these poppets in Courage & Kind is an easy thing to do. They so suit the styles and this time round they both are enjoying the prints and characters more than ever before!


*Post in collaboration with Courage & Kind.

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