Friday, 8 July 2016

Stopping for cake at our dining table.

I am a serious tea drinker. I just love the stuff, but the amount of actual full cups I manage to get is very limited. I think that is why I always get a fresh one and so often, I only ever get to drink half a cup and it just isn't enough to satisfy me. I am sure there are many of you out there who can relate too.
Recently I have been trying to bake a bit more as well. Tea and cake go hand in hand really so having the opportunity to whip up a quick cake is always good. I am a lazy baker though, I usually stick to easy recipes, the simple sponge has never been produced in so many different ways in our house but this time I decided to whip up a pack of brownies, and they sure went down a treat when it came to stopping for an afternoon snack. And that is what is nice, just stopping and sitting and having a break.

When it comes to our dining table it is an ever changing base. Table cloths, candles, flowers and cutlery make their way on and off on a regular basis but what I love is having key pieces that seem to grace it more often than not. I have used slate to decorate a lot with at home, especially around Christmas time, using it to write messages on and make advent calendars with. Finding that perfect piece is hard though so on discovering Dust & Things, creators of beautiful bespoke, personalised gifts, finding their Slate range was like a dream come true, beautifully printed on and great quality. This slate (which is actually a cheese board) is perfect for having on the dining table for all sorts of things.

When it comes to taking a moment to enjoy cake, I sure know how to make it look good. It is easy though when you have pretty products to help with that. This slate is a perfect companion for any table, and for our table, it adds something very special to our family dining.


*Post in collaboration with Dust & Things

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