Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Alton Towers: Enchanted Village

It was time for our biannual trip to Alton Towers. We always have such a magical experience whenever we go and are always so well looked after. We usually stay in the Splash Landings Hotel or The Alton Towers Hotel, but recently Alton Towers have built a new Enchanted Village. So we thought we'd give it a try. 

Upon arrival, we parked up, checked in and made our way through a very sunny Enchanted Villa to our new holiday home.  

When we opened the door, we were greeted by, pretty much a hotel room, but a very nice one, and one that needed quickly investigating for hidden treasures and secret places. 

After 10 seconds of searching, the kids found a bunk bed in an apportioned, curtained area which they immediately knew was for them to enjoy their own furtive space. 

The Enchanted Village is made up of, sort of cul-de-sacs, and in the middle of these there are different wooden play areas. On our way to dinner at The Crooked Spoon we decided to build up an appetite and have a go on all of them. The Crooked Spoon is where we went for our evening meals and for buffet breakfast. It serves on a 'bar style' service, but we thought the food was fantastic and the staff, as always, were accommodating, friendly and always looking to make your improve your time with them. 

With Splash landings and The Alton Towers Hotel, we have always had such magical times, so it was always going to be hard for The Enchanted Village to compete. There are some lovely, different facilities that The Village provides, like pre/post-dinner face painting and games with friendly staff and a much more outdoors time. It was sunny the entire time we were there and that made it so wonderful for outside play and ease of clothing, but I could imagine that on a wet, English day it could become more of a chore, so I think Spring or summer would be the only times we'd come here again. The Village is a separate space for you, so if you like being away from everyone, this will really suit you, but I think for us, the magic really is fulfilled by interactions with staff and like-minded people and the 'Enchanted' atmosphere of the Hotels is really what we want.


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