Monday, 1 August 2016


I love sharing toy reviews as sometimes I really struggle to find good, non electrical/action figure toys for our kids and when I find something that has impressed me, I want to pass it on.
Raphael was given an Aquaplay Mega Lock for his birthday from his grandparents. It was a set that I chose and did a bit of research into on the internet. When I first showed it to Rob he was a bit like "HOW MUCH? For plastic?" But I actually thought it was quite reasonable for the size! It is basically a water based  play system which is meant to simulate a lock and canal system. The mega lock set is a big one but there are loads of other sizes and styles available.
The idea is that a child can play in the canals with the boats included and create lock systems where you can pump water to raise certain levels. There is also a current maker so you can make the boats move by themselves around the system. 
Now I am pretty sure this has been around since before I was born. I remember it from school and my mum says we used to play with a set our friends had as kids, so it is a product that must be thoroughly tried and tested. Also, it must be good as there are hardly any being sold 'used' on ebay which made me think that people must hold onto them for some time!

As far as play goes though, it is unlimited as to how a child wants to use it. As soon as it was made we lost Raph, Etta and their cousin Noah to it; instantly they were playing, independently just loving the water and the little accessories.

It is definitely the size that impressed me the most. I must say I did foresee it being popular and with our two I didn't want them playing on top of each other, so I knew I wanted a big set so they had space to move and play together or parallel to one another.

Setting it up was relatively easy also, I just sat in the sun and put it together, supposedly it packs back into a suitcase to store but I haven't tried it yet. I don't think it will be going away over the summer!

What is most impressive though is the man who questioned me (it doesn't happen often) is enjoying it as much as the children. Yep, Rob has been racing the boat and car around using the current maker and laughing for ages with Raph as they play together with it!

A good toy which suits Raph, who just turned 5, Etta who is nearly 3 and also Rob, aged 32!



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