Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Storage for little ones: GLTC Testing Team

Another lovely product, another piece to share; that is what it is like when we get something through the post from GLTC. I mean, everything that comes through the door from them is like Christmas, and more for ME than the kids especially with this newest piece of furniture. 
For me, storage is key to a happy home. Luckily that is also one of the main selling points for GLTC; creating a happy space, an organised space and a fun space for children to really grow and develop. 
As we slowly, and I mean very slowly, begin to prepare for putting in a wood burning stove, it means that some things will become displaced, mainly the kids' toy boxes, which will need to be re-homed. Now I hate the thought of just filling the edges of the room with boxes and baskets and have quite specific requirements as to how we are re-organising the space and not making the room look full. In swoop GLTC with their remarkably stylish toy storage to help with the situation. Their Abberville storage bench with Stone cushion and storage baskets is like the most perfect match for our house. As fab as GLTC are at offering great coloured products for playrooms and kids bedrooms, I wanted something more muted that would fit in with the decor of our open living downstairs space. And big on my list of specifications was more neutral tones what would go with wood and white. And this combination is perfect. A beautiful addition to our home not only being practical but beautiful.

Now I must say since we got it, I have tried storing a range of the kids' stuff in it but we find for us it best suits toys, so at the moment it has Duplo and the Brio train in it. It is easy for the kids to access and they pull out (and never put back) the baskets with ease and carry them off to where they are playing.

This bench, I have found is a great addition to our home but, I must say, I find all GLTC products are. And I am not the only one; once again they have been crowned Best Children's Retailer of 2016 which is now their 5th year in a row, concluding that GLTC really know how to make a happy home!

As far as our Testing Team role goes, this is easy to assemble, yes, no classic flat pack arguments were had between Rob and I and it ticks the right boxes for good roomy storage which is good looking and neat. The children can access it easily like I have said, but once again it is probably me who they impressed the most by making furniture for children which also suits my adult tastes.

Well done GLTC once again!


*This post is in collaboration with GLTC as part of our Testing Team role.

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