Friday, 1 July 2016

Mamas Blooms Newsleter No.8

Another month has past and here we are, the 1st of July and another newsletter supporting my Mamas Blooms hashtag on Instagram. What seems to have hit me the most looking back at my June flowers and looking forward to what July will bring is that the amount of rain we have had here has really influenced the growing of my summer flowers outside. 
My dream is to have our small boarder absolutely bursting. No neatness here, I just want it overflowing with flowers and this year the more established plants are bigger than ever and I can only put that down to the rain and warm combinations we have had here in Lincoln. Even my wannabe Hydrangea bush is bigger than estimated from seeing the plant only a month ago. Good old rain has got the more mature areas absolutely bursting with blooms, now I just need to get some other areas full so they have a good long summer to establish before it starts getting cool again. 
I do not research gardening at all. My neighbour, who is an avid gardener gives me tips here and there, like dead-heading rose bushes which allows more to sprout. But really I just use my common sense and what I presume works. I am reaping the benefits though, my made up methods and presumptions on how to build a full garden are sure paying off and it is beautiful to see.

Flower Wish List

You might have read about my new David Austin rose on the blog recently so I thought I would share a few images (taken from their website) of other roses that particularly caught my eye. There is indeed something about his roses that has really captured me, they make me want to just plant roses everywhere.

They are just everything I would want from a rose and have that stunning blousy garden rose look which should be enjoyed in all gardens.

The Joy Of Peonies

What is it about these flowers that send us all into a tizzy? I have loved having them at home this last month. On Father's day specifically, I arranged 15 stems on the dining table and along our mantle piece. They are one of those flowers that look so stunning just on their own. No fuss needed, they deal with that. These stems I actually got from Lidl and were £3.00 for 5 stems which I thought was a great price. They looked perfect for welcoming Rob in on the morning of Father's day and were out for about 2 weeks after!

Mamas Blooms Gallery on Instagram

What is so beautiful about the gallery of mamas blooms hashtags on Instagram is that people just love styling flowers. The ideas that people come up with is amazing and seeing them all is just incredible.
If you ever get bored and just want to look at pretty flower pictures, seriously, just type #mamasblooms into the search and sit back and enjoy!

Top left to right; @annie_and_wilf, @ruby_and_ivy, @french_grey_lifestyle, @the_sparkle_nest, @fabulousplaces, @fabulousplaces, @blowyinthewind, @acaciahome, @thefamilywardrobe.

Thank you to all who take part. It really is a pleasure to see the gallery growing!

I hope this coming month brings you blooms a plenty. Near the end I am doing a wedding for one of my oldest friends and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out. I am sure I will chat a bit about it in next month's newsletter!


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