Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Taking the scenic route.

Upon leaving our Alton Towers Enchanted Village holiday home, on a sleepy, quiet road, (the theme park had been closed, so no traffic) we drove out of the exit towards the road to Alton only to find the road blocked! 
So, we did what all people do their main route is blocked; short cut! Now, I do like a map, but our 8 year old satnav, which has thrown up some amazing, off-the-beaten-track routes in its time, was readied with the task for getting us home. And boy did it deliver.  

I would say it probably added an hour to our journey, but I have never been on such a beautiful riverside drive, with only ourselves, ducks and blossom for company. At risk of sounding like a bumper sticker or Pintrest pic; Now and again, take the scenic route.


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