Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Disney Zootropolis Review in association with Clarks

In this last week of the Easter holidays, I couldn't encourage you more to take a trip to the cinema to see Disney's newest creation Zootropolis. We are all Disney in our house so when this came out we headed up on Easter Monday to see it. It is from the same creators of Wreck It Ralph and Big Hero Six, which are two of our faves here so for me I was immediately interested! 
The brief idea behind the film is that officer Judy Hopps, a bunny with heart and passion to become the first bunny police officer has to use a newly met (on her first day on the job) petty criminal to solve one of the Zootropolis' biggest cases. With some fantastic characters, references and uses of modern day technology and stunning digital quality this film was absolutely amazing. Rob and I couldn't even control our happiness as the credits rolled; I just thought it was fantastic and the end was so very uplifting.

As Disney do, they have a great core message running through the film about prejudices. I thought it was a fantastic example of how to treat others with great respect and how to not jump to conclusions about certain characters. 
They also really push the Dream Achievement thing, really making the main character Judy Hopps a great example for someone who wants to be something. 
All in all (Cars 2 pun) this film was a brilliant experience and made me come away wanting to see it over and over. And just in case you were wondering, the kids loved it too....I think Rob and I might have loved it more though!! 
The only problem with seeing new films at the cinema is every time an advert has come on for it at home the children have been desperate to watch it again! Disney Junior channel have had a lot of their afternoon programs sponsored by Clarks' new footwear range which links to Zootropolis and every time the advert comes on the kids are shouting for us to look at the screen. At the moment, if you purchase any pair of full priced kids' shoes you get a free Android of IOS Infinity character for kids to play on devices with, plus 10% off The Disney Store so you could purchase a couple of character toys if you wanted them slightly discounted. 
So, if you are needing new school shoes then why not pop along and get a few extra bonuses. This offer runs until the 15th April 2016 so perfect timing for the kids heading back to the new summer term. 

In the next week, if you can make it to the cinema I would seriously urge you too; it will make you leave singing the end theme song by Shakira for days!!


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