Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Getting Your Feet Spring Ready With Footner

Getting Your Feet Spring Ready With Footner

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of Footner; a skin exfoliating sock that makes you feet baby soft after only one treatment.
The Footner treatment is a pair of socks that you sit in for an hour and allow your feet to be saturated in the gel inside. Through the 10 day treatment period, you feet will shed all of its dead skin and reveal new baby soft feet. It claims that you only need the one hour treatment to allow for the process to start then the following 10 days will work their magic on their own.

What it does to you feet is speeds up the natural shedding process of all of your hardened dead skin. This allows for the fresh skin underneath to be uncovered. They suggest that you don't need to use another Footner treatment for 2-3 months but I think if you keep on top of moisturising and exfoliating; this first treatment should give you a good boost to having nice feet.

My experience of the treatment was really good. I followed the instructions and sat in the socks for an hour. Then just waited to see what happened. Days 1 to 4 felt like I had done nothing. I was beginning to worry that I had been jipped and that nothing was going to happen. Having all these thoughts in the shower I had decided that even taking the photos had been a waste of time then to my shock on drying myself I noticed my toes were peeling, and it almost just suddenly happened.
For the following days my feet looked super dry as my soles and heels started to peel leaving fresh skin underneath. I suppose the finished result will vary on each pair of feet. Mine needed TLC to the heels mainly and I feel that they have been given the kick start into softening back up. I will have to continue working on them with my handheld foot file to continually improve them, but Footner has got rid of the worst of it.

If you want to have a go you can purchase Footner via a variety of places. Here is the link to Boots where it is also available.

I think this has definitely boosted me into looking after my feet more. It has allowed me to get on top of my dried heel situation and hopefully with regular moisturising and a bit of extra buffing more regularly, my feet will be perfect through spring and heading into summer.

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