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Artificial Flower Plant Pots

Artificial Flower Plant Pots

I always seem to blog about fresh flowers but that is because they are so easily accessible to me being a florist. However, as much as I can fill my house it is still annoying when they don't last long and they die off.
One flower that I wish you could preserve as it has such a short shelf life is blossom. I mean, how beautiful is it? A real sign of spring but as soon as it's cut it tends to drop as it is so fragile.
I have never been a big fan of artificial flowers. We have had some in the shop but only for small projects and never to actually sell. I spotted some in Wilko's and even though they would be not my usual choice to work with as I felt they were too obviously fake, I picked up a couple of stems to try using.
I am a fan of Kew Royal Botanical Gardens plant pots and have a few around the house so I wanted to use some of them to house a spring arrangement.

I filled the pot with dry Oasis and I covered the top in fresh sheet moss. This is available from most good florists or if you wanted to make it for free, fill you pot up with soil and stone mix and find some moss in the garden to cover the top. This just creates a clean ground for you to poke the flowers into.

To help mine feel more real I have used fresh Pussy Willow. This dries really well so don't worry about it not having any water. Just stick it into the pot. I went for a middle point then north, east, west and south positions. The one in the middle is the tallest stick, and the one in the south point is the shortest. You can always put more around creating a fuller look.

With the blossom, there were about 5 branches per stem. I cut them up and positioned them next to each main Willow stem to change the heights of each to make a more natural look.

With the real elements to the planters, the overall effect makes you double take a look at the blossom as it is quite hard to tell if it is real or not.
This is the exact effect you want. I am really pleased with how it looks and I really want to try some more work with some artificial flowers.

Having an arrangement that will last for months instead of just a week is really cost effective, but for me, I will always have fresh flowers in the house, this just means I won't need to buy as many!!

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