Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Painted Spring Plant Pots

Painted Spring Plant Pots

You will know by now that not many weeks go by without me making something for the home. I love coming up with ideas and getting inspired from different designers. With spring now in full motion it's nice bringing the pastel shades into the home.
Something that I find really easy to work with is flowers and we always have them at home so a lot of my planning and idea making comes from them. I like to use my enamel jugs for all my arranging but after making these little plants pots into vases, I fear they may get a bit of competition.
I used some reclaimed terracotta plant pots for this small project and simply decided that I wanted to make a half and half effect with different colours. I then decided to have half covered in silver leaf and have in a pastel shade.

I used some tester pots that I had in the cupboard; they were all Wilkinson's ones, in a variety of light shades. I taped a line down the middle and slapped on 3 coats. Once that was dry, I removed the tape and painted the leaf glue as neatly as I could joining up the colours so as not to see any terracotta. Once the silver leaf was applied I got Roberto to fill in the drainage holes in the bottom with silicone making them watertight. You could use these for plants so that wouldn't be necessary but I knew I wanted them for little vases.

The end result is just gorgeous. They look fresh and clean with the middle parting and bring a bit of minimalist styling to our home. Small and cute these springtime plant pots definitely are an easy make and would suit most homes.

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