Monday, 6 April 2015

Family Fashion Photo Shoot - Hotter Days Are Coming

Family Fashion Photo Shoot - Hotter Days Are Coming

With the spring days coming round fast and the sun making the breezy days warm, the children and I popped out to get some flowers. We had a little walk around the top of Steep Hill in Lincoln and even though it was a bit blustery the sun shone down and it was a lovely little walk.
What I love most about my outfit this week is these gorgeous new Hotter boat shoes. I absolutely love how they look in this outfit and they are perfect for popping out in as they are so practical for controlling two little ones.
If you want to find out more about my thoughts on these Hotter shoes click HERE.
The children were looking fresh in some new little spring pieces and Etta especially loved the novelty of walking instead of the pushchair.

I wore; M&S coat, H&M Shirt, (old navy blue skinny chinos), Hotter Shoes
Raphael wore: Next Jacket, Primark Shirt, Jeans and Shes (only available from high street stores).
Giulietta wore: Gap outlet jeans and Jacket ( these are only available from their high street stores and not online).

The photos look great so enjoy!

Photo credits go to my sister Gabriella!

A big thank you to Hotter for the gift of these beautiful shoes.

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