Monday, 6 April 2015

How Hotter Has Brightened Up My Days

How Hotter Has Brightened Up My Days

I have to admit; the only time I would have ever talked about Hotter shoes would be with my Grandma when she would show me her newest purchases. After hip operations and swollen feet she seemed to be buying a few pairs as she enjoyed the fit and comfort. I would always talk to her about them and admire how comfy they looked but apart from that didn't give them a second thought. I wouldn't deem them as 'my style' so they were never something I looked further into.

I was really surprised when they contacted me to ask me to try some shoes. My preconception of
''But aren't these for older people?'' immediately kicked in as the only way I had previous knowledge was through my Grandma. On looking through the spring/summer '15 collection after being asked if any would be suitable for me I was pleasantly surprised on how much my preconceived, age related ideas about this company were completely squashed. They had a fresh bright approach to their shoes; some were definitely suited to the older lady, but I was drawn in to a few pairs that I would easily see myself wearing.

After looking at all the styles I picked out the ''Kate'' boat shoes in Mustard. I am immediately drawn to anything slightly nautical in the summer and I knew these would look great with so many easy outfits. 
When they arrived they blew me away. Their soft leather was so beautiful in colour and the actual way it sat against my feet was gorgeous. The sole was soft and comfortable and moulded around my feet. These shoes look to be one of the comfiest pairs that I have ever owned.

I decided the only way to test them out is to wear them for a day whilst attending to my 'usual' duties. It's hard to write down everything I loved about these shoes; they simply are just a perfect, comfortable shoe that look gorgeous on. They suit my style and allow me to feel like I should be on a boat in the south of France in just jeans and a striped top rather than sorting washing and picking up toys.

Whether I am wearing them round the house or out and about, these shoes are perfect for house chores, shopping trips and well, just about everything!

Have a look at these Hotter shoes HERE!

Look out for these featuring in our next Family fashion Photo Shoot!

Finally a big thank you to the generous people at Hotter for these beautiful shoes.

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