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Love Lincoln - Locally Grown Flowers

Love Lincoln - Locally Grown Flowers

Working in the floristry industry really opens your eyes to nature's beauty and to the miracle of new growth. My excitement at the moment, with regards to flowers, is very much aimed at my own attempt of growing flowers in my garden. I have had a few Anemones pop up and I can see that the plants from last year have taken well and things like my Hydrangea plants have green leaves on them. It's really lovely for me having these in the garden and with working in the flower shop, I also get an abundance of choice through the imported flowers.
Last year we were lucky enough to discover a local grower who we started working with and who produced beautiful country style flowers. We arranged with her to plant up some Peony tulips for this spring and they have just started coming into the shop. My, oh my, they are amazing. Talk about loving local produce! These tulips are the most romantic and blowsy looking tulips I have ever seen! They live up to their Peony Tulip name and have a distinctive peony look about them. The shades that they are coming in are just beautiful and they look fantastic sat on the sideboard in a jug.
The Cottage Gardener Flower Company is a lovely business based in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire and it is the most beautiful plot in the middle of the countryside for growing flowers. When I first visited Linda last year, I was inspired to sort my garden out as her flower beds were just amazing. I thought, hey I could have a small selection and cut my own for the house, and that's where I started. It is nice finding inspiration from locals and seeing the produce last summer and now with the new spring flowers is just amazing.
These are all available over the next few weeks from our shop; The Arbour, on Steep Hill in Lincoln and if you are local, you don't want to miss out on getting some of these in your home! If you are local to Market Rasen look out for the Cottage Gardener Flower Company at local farmers' markets.
They are simply beautiful and really make me appreciate the skills and dedication people have who work on the land!

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