Thursday, 2 April 2015

Getting Introduced to Wolfie + Willow

Getting Introduced to Wolfie + Willow

When I opened my recent parcel from Inch Blue I was so excited to see the children's new slippers that I nearly bypassed a neatly wrapped brown box. I thought for a moment that it was a just some cardboard packaging that was nothing, but then I noticed a familiar script through the bubble wrap. 
Wolfie + Willow is a brand that I had started following on instagram who were in the midst of launching a children's moccasin style slipper. They are beautiful little shoes that are made in the softest leather and in the most amazing colours. They are part of the Inch Blue family which in my opinion are producing some of the cutest baby and toddler footwear around. You might think my argument is swayed having just received three pairs of shoes from the same company but I seriously ask you; can you see anything wrong with these?
The soft leather is perfect for those super small feet who want to look good while they sleep all day. Then they are also the perfect shoe for the little one who is finding their balance and preparing for their first steps. The fact that they go into slightly bigger sizes for the more confident baby walker just makes them more perfect as a child can really get to grips with being a stable walker wearing really pretty and very soft shoes. Wolfie + Willow are producing a gorgeous product that is new and fresh on the children's fashion scene and I hope that they continue to expand on the wonderful base that they have produced so far.

I followed Etta around for the day with my camera and captured a few shots of what she got up to whilst wearing her Wolfie + Willow slippers.

Check out their website HERE and go find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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