Thursday, 14 June 2018

My Home Right Now

It is about time I did a new home update. Having had trips to IKEA, exploiting H&M HOME and finding a love with DESENIO PRINTS it is safe to say our living space has had a much needed revitalise!

It needed it. Maybe not from people looking in but from Rob and I, I think we were ready for really channeling our look into something even more minimal and Scandinavian. I suppose I have always tried to have a certain look with our living space and kitchen. We turned very minimal and grey which is documented all over here and since the beginning of the year I started to make a few changes and build on a look I wanted. It has taken me that long too as I remember buying black and white print cushions on the first day of Feb after my 'No Spend January' ended really and with the coming of some new trends (mainly basket weaves) I have just slowly built up a new look.

White will always be the clear theme but I have repainted a few items and we have lost our glass and gold coffee tale and opted for grey with very neutral woven, or basket like accessories. 
The baset textures really apeal to me and having picked up a hessian weave pouf, from Aldi of all places, it really made our other wooden items stand out. Having begun to hate the slightly darker shade of our floor I have very much fallen back in love with it with the introduction of a few new wooden coloured things about.

The biggest change was our dining table area where we actually took down the much love colander light shades and actually fitted a second pendant and suspended two fabulous BOJA IKEA PENDANTS. Now these not only look beautiful but they really bring a warmth to the room and totally changed it. I removed the mirror from the wall above the fire place and put up two frames with prints from DESENIO which, again, really changed this space.

With less fuss and colour about, especially in front of the sofa, I have found that it has really opened up the space. We removed the coffee table and were going to build one to replace it but I have said to Rob I don't want to, for now. I love having the rug open and enjoy being able to play and lie on it!

As I said basket textures and colours are now in huge demand here. I am loving the very neutral shade and with some new table cloths from H&M and IKEA in cool green prints and simple checks. Not only do I love the texture of them but the woody shades are really nice and suit our grey and white.

I think the wooden frames around the black and white prints from DESENIO also really complement all the greys and whites so well. It seems small rose gold and yellow gold accessories and just peachy flowers really suit this too so our downstairs has a subtle and soft colour theme running throughout.

As always plant life still thrives here but I have really simplified the carriers. I realised less is more {sometimes} and actually I have moved a lot of the plants around the house and limited one downstairs but made them more of a feature by getting some nice pots. These basket weave ones from IKEA are stunning and so very popular with bloggers! They just fit the bill and I also got a paper style one from Ikea marketplace.

As it stands I am now really settled with how this all looks. It is bright, airy and actually just perfect for our open living space. I am sure we will find something to change, we always do but I would now like to put our ideas and efforts into re-doing the bathroom!



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  2. Great inspirations! I will be doing the here renovation - in my home. All the time I do not know how to decorate the room, but your photos are very inspiring to me. Thank you!


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