Friday, 15 June 2018

Summer Dungarees {From Joanie Clothing}

I have started mentioning JOANIE CLOTHING a bit on this blog because I love what they offer. They have a great selection for women of all different shapes and their classic salute to more 50s style cuts really appeals to me.

For years now I have wanted a pair of dungarees but in a skinny cut they have simply not suited me. I often used to worried that they would make me look like a 12 year old too and just never found a pair that were right. Roll back a good few weeks and I saw the KARIS CROP dungarees on JOANIE CLOTHING and knew they were just what I was looking for. 
Why? Because the cut was a cut that would suit my 30 year old body! 
Skinny was no good, it made my hips look wide and my tummy didn't sit right behind the top. A wide cut and cropped leg and an actual waist really lends itself to complementing so many shapes. The joy of these is that they are styled to sit more like a 50s dress. Clinches at the waist and the length of the trouser means that it actually elongates the leg rather than cut it off. 

As you can see, the design is flatter pockets that aren't glued to the skin, a flare over the thighs and calves and it is just a very simple style which is exactly what I wanted.

I must say, I don't feel like a 12 year old at all and these dungarees seem to look like they fit in with my style. Great for the simple days where the sun shines and you can just enjoy everyday activities!

JOANIE CLOTHING is a brand who I had never come across until the end of last year and I find that there are so many of their clothes I like: From their quirky t-shirts to their romantic dresses; they just have a really beautiful sense of style that could suit such a range of ages. 

Why not try look their WEBSITE and see what takes your fancy!

*This item was a gifted product.

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