Wednesday, 27 June 2018

What We Have Been Doing In Lincoln.

I try to mention our beautiful city, Lincoln, as much as I can. It is a small city really, but maybe it just seems small as I know it so well! With its charming Cathedral quarter, up-and-coming high street and plenty of activities to do, Lincoln is a great city to live in. 
I wanted to share our past few weekends with you as just a little glimpse into what there is on offer here. Obviously, these events aren't around all year round but because of that I feel it is even more important to share what we get up to here in this very agricultural county!

These last few weekends in particular have been very busy for us. Not only did we have our usual clubs, we had parties, a street food festival, soapbox race, concert, shows, cinema screenings and more to attend.

COMEDY FEAST is a new event which only first popped up last year. We went and were hugely impressed with the the set-up in Lincoln Castle grounds. Not only are there fantastic comedy shows you can get tickets for, but the outdoor entertainment also has a lot to offer. With plenty of food stalls around the castle courtyard and a bandstand for live music and shows, COMEDY FEAST is a great trip out for all the family. 
We headed down on Friday night {our only free time} to spend the evening eating and relaxing with the kids. There is so much good food there that it is easy to rock up, get your portion and relax on the Castle's picnic hill or on the tables provided. We ate, sat, danced and then walked home on what was a really beautiful Friday evening. 
One to put in your diary for next year as it is so easy to do and you really don't need to worry about planning to much, just head up and enjoy!

We also headed out to a local Lincoln village, Coleby, where we watched some soap box racing. This only happens every two years and a good friend of mine's parents live in the village and do a lot of work in organising it! Her dad, with his tractor, even pulls the racers back up the infamous Coleby hill, after they have had their run down. With an ice cream bike and burgers on the bbq ready to serve the public, this small village is full to the brim over this two day event. The next run is in 2020 and Rob has already got his plan with my friend Kate to enter in! They will have to build something good!

We also attended a great Lionel Richie concert at THE LINCOLNSHIRE SHOWGROUND. It was really something to see 68 year old Lionel still able to hold a crowd. He was funny and still has a brilliant voice. The Showground is a great venue and we attend so many things throughout the year here.

We were back at the Showground again last week for their annual LINCOLNSHIRE SHOW which is a huge county wide show which showcases everything local from farming to fashion! It is always something I try and go to and this year for the first time, we went without the kids as they are both now in school. At first I thought we would be a bit lost in what we would do but actually Rob and I had a fab day by ourselves and we were really lucky to just both be in a position where we embrace all that is going on.

Just this weekend Rob, I and some friends attended our first ever FILM ON A FARM experience which sees an outdoor cinema travel to some beautiful spots in the English countryside. We went to STOURTON ESTATES in Horncastle which actually has a deer safari, so as we drove the grounds to where we were going the path was lined with deer. It was a brilliant venue and so picturesque and something that I would want to do again. We went to see 'The Goonies' which I had never seen before and I absolutely loved it!

There is so much on offer for entertainment in this county at the minute. Obviously the summer months make everything more accessible but there really is a lot to do. We hardly fit it all in and I know we are still missing out. Bring on the summer holidays where we can really enjoy more of the county!


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